Monday, April 27, 2009

Storms and a Battery

As I write this the thunder is rattling and the lightning is flashing.  I have watched the radar screen for several hours, as the worst of the storm has danced about ten miles to our West.  The storm has tracked to the Northeast passing by, but not visiting.

The weatherman on the TV explained that the storm would eventually track East as well as North and cover KC.  That is now happening.

They think this will be a rain event causing a torrent of water, passing slowly thru the night.  While we had 80’s and horrible humidity during the day, tomorrow will be mid 50s and drier.  Lets hope no more wind and tornados for a while.

I made up for all the activity on Saturday by passing a quiet day here today.  Going only to Sam’s Club to buy Loyce a battery for her Ford Escape SUV.  Although it is labeled a 2005, we purchased the vehicle in the summer of 2004, and we still  have the original battery.  When we got home from Texas this spring, it was mostly flat, and did not want to take a charge initially.

As those things go for us, even though I got it to work after a while, it will leave her on a rock somewhere.  Murphy’s law will make it in a bad part of town, so she had a nice new one installed by her husband this afternoon.

I seem to be able to bury myself in blogs and forums, and passed the afternoon with the computer, after falling asleep once, or was it twice?

Retired Rod

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  1. Hey Rod, I just now discovered your website while checking out Sandra & Gordons nightly news. Lookin good. How long have you had this going?? I'll get you linked up on our site...........


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