Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cici comes to visit

Just a short post for today, as I spent the day rummaging thru piles of papers saved from the entire year, as I prepare to do income taxes, or at least enough of them to get an extension.

The trick with that is you have to pay all the money, with the extension. So how do you pay the money, unless you do the return to know how much? And then why not just go ahead and file the return, since you have it done. But there will be last minute changes, and they always come in the mail on April 25, or something like that.

I got a revised 1099 in July last year. What are these folks thinking?

Today Loyce's sister Cici came to visit us here in KC, so they spent the afternoon going to local Quilt stores.

We went to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, and I got a particularly bad piece of meat. Mostly fat and sinew, yuck!

Tonight we just hung out till bed time. But we haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, so that was fun!

Retired Rod

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