Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lake House Pic’s

Brenda Brown requested pictures of the lake. I really don’t have many that are new or good. I guess I haven’t stopped and taken pics, because we see it all the time.

I took a lot of pictures as the house was being built, mostly to remember the things that needed to be changed. But this was the day we closed in April 2003.


From the hill behind the house, it looks like a one story deal, but it goes down the hill toward the lake and has a second story underneath.


This was the dock the week it arrived from the builder. The other docks around it are not in the picture yet so we must have got ours first. We later had rock spread on the grounds behind the house.


This is from the hill behind the road in front of the house. We are on a cove that is off of the main channel.


This is from out in the lake as we were coming home on the pontoon. Ours is the second one on the left. Green Shingles.


This is as we got closer on the boat. Ours in the center. Our dock is the one on the right that doesn’t have a boat in it since we were driving it to take this picture.


It seems like it is always cloudy in the spring, and these were all taken in the spring but not in the same year.

Sunrise from our deck in the spring, I used this picture as a blog header for a while last year. The tree was almost dead, and has since been removed.


I seem to not have a single picture of the inside. Since this is a lake place, we haven’t spent oodles of money on lavish furnishings for the inside. The grandkids will swim in the lake ( Osage River, think river water), and then be right inside plopped down on the leather sofa playpit. If we did spend a fortune, it wouldn’t last long. So we have serviceable furnishings.


This was taken right after we moved in and didn’t have any pictures on the walls .

But at least this will give a picture of what I do not do too good of job describing when we go to the fishing cabin. LoL.

Retired Rod


  1. Thanks Rod Wow what a nice place to have a get away. Maybe someday we will visit you and Loyce at your lake house.


  2. What a gorgeous get away!!

  3. Come on by! But first we have to get you that far East! LOL

  4. Great place! Thanks for the pictures.


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