Friday, April 3, 2009

Turbo Tax and the Cable Company

I spent the morning trying to get turbo tax to load on my laptop PC. It would error out at exactly the same place each time, without the slightest bit of information about what it encountered as an error. Bummer.

It had installed a new service pak of dot net from Microsoft on my hard drive first, and I suspected that that installation was the problem, so I un installed it and then started over. The disk installed it again and wanted to reboot. This time I took over and turned the computer off entirely and then cold started the reboot. The Turbo Tax went right on that time and started itself and asked for last years file.

By that time, I was tired of fighting and decided to not go any farther into frustration. So I began paying some more bills that were due. And that caused more frustration, when I realized that the monthly cable bill was $177. That includes the land line telephone and the internet, but still that seems outrageous.

So with several calls to the Customer Service people, we decided to take back all the HD boxes that they rent you every month, and only receive basic cable TV. We slowed down the internet bandwidth and killed HBO. Even after all that, it is still over $100 a month. I put antennas on the main set and we are getting our HD signal right out of the air. It is just as good as the cable, and is free. I do think we will miss some of the digital tier stuff, but how much should monthly cable be worth?

So after driving the boxes back to the cable office, it was time to go to Grandson Caden's First Grade music class show at the grade school. All the kids had a two line part, and each one used the microphone and did his bit. The words were up on the screen so you could follow along. But this also showed if the lines were not right too. After each group of kids, they then did a song together with all four classes in unison. Lasted about 45 minutes, and the teacher never once said one thing to any of the kids. They were just on their own to go thru it all. First graders mind you, I was impressed.

We then had a late supper at Cici's Cafe, a place fashioned after a restaurant in New Orleans. I had a salsbury steak with onion creamsauce mushroom gravey. With mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Do I look fatter? I feel fatter after that.

Retired Rod

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