Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold Rain and the Taxes

Brandy the dog awoke this morning at first light.  She must be able to still see some light, as she is waking up at dawn and that is earlier as the days get longer.  She yips and yaps to have us come let her out.

So that duty befell me today in a cold rain and fog.  The thermometer was in the brisk early forties.  I found the winter coat before taking her out.

Once up, I decided that I should get to work on that tax return again, and that was pretty much the whole day.  Loyce made busy in her sewing room, knowing to leave the “bear” alone while he was tax grumpy.  But I now have the beginnings of a completed return and the estimates done.  Maybe by tomorrow I’ll put some stamps on some of it.

Tonight Chris and Melissa came by for a belated Easter dinner.  We had some of the ham from yesterday, with cheesy potatoes.  More fruit ambrosia, with strawberries and grapes.  This is mostly too sweet for the diabetes, but I ate it anyway.  Its natural and not white sugar.  More pills to counter it.

Claire played with all the toys and the toy kitchen that we have here in the hearth room.  All the girls like to come to grandma’s, cause she has the neatest toys!

Tonight it is to go below freezing again!  What have we done wrong to old man winter? 

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  1. Yes what have you done to upset old man winter. We are going to have to change our route home there is to much snow in Wyoming. Well you are at least getting use of the pink stuff you put in your trailer



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