Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back to KC

Nothing glamorous about working to clean up the leaves and chop off the grass clump in the front of the lake place, but then I went there to get some things done.

I was down on the dock, and looked over the very dirty pontoon boat, but it was barely in the 50's so getting all wet washing things wasn't in the cards for today. The automatic boat lift had everything full of air and floating nicely. That item is peace of mind!

At about 1 I locked up the house and drove back to KC. Takes 3 1/2 hours so I was home before 5.

I took a longer way back home, just to drive thru some of the Missouri towns that I haven't been in for over 6 months. That included Sedalia where the Escapee Escapade is to be held this May. Sedalia is home to the Missouri State Fair, and I would assume many of those facilities will be used by the SKP's this spring.

Tonight I am surfing the web and reading blogs. But then that would be every night. I never seem to watch any TV lately, too busy checking out all the real life events of my fellow blogers.

Retired Rod

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