Saturday, April 25, 2009

Headed to Des Moines for a big Saturday

I am writing this on Friday evening, before going to the Johnson County Kansas ham meeting that is to start here in another hour. We have two club meetings a month, but I spaced off the second friday, so this is the fourth Friday. We will go to godfathers for pizza.

Nothing to report here as I have only taken on bike ride over to the bank to make a deposit, and went to Wal Mart to buy 8 12 packs of pop for the Dayton trip in May.

I am leaving at about 5 AM with the truck and the utility trailer to go to a hamfest in Des Moines. I will leave the trailer with the Iowa hams in order for them to pack up their stuff in a leisurely fashion and be ready to go on May 13. I'll probably go on the 12th to get up there before they leave. Ohio is an all day drive from Des Moines. But at least this year gas isn't $4 a gallon like last year.

So blogs might be sparse this weekend until I get back here late tomorrow night. It will be a big day.

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