Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hambash and a granddaughter

I say its going to be a short post and then proceed to write a book, but after getting up at 6 AM this morning this is going to be short.

It rained all morning while going to, and during the show. I wore the big brimmed Tilley hat and said "Rain, what rain?" But I was wet, walking around the show. I saw many folks that I only see once a year or even less, but like RVing you just pickup where you last left off.

I didn't buy anything except some callsign cards in the business card size. We call them eyeball cards as we give them out when we are talking to each other face to face. My old ones are still from Des Moines. I may redesign them and order a second set, as RV eyeball cards for the wife and I when we meet folks on the road.

The rest of the day was spent here at the house with the four year old grand daughter. We played and took naps, and went to Chuck E Cheese again.

This time I have wised up, and declared we are not eating the pizza at CEC, only playing the games. We left and went to Godfathers, which has a pizza with substantially more toppings and better quality too. That will help me with the GERD that will come later tonight.

It rained all day, and the scooter hid in the garage. Lightening is happening as I type right now, and its after midnight.

Retired Rod

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