Friday, April 10, 2009

Cool day in KC

I read about 100 degree heat from Texas, and big wind.  But today in KC, we were lucky to make 53.  It started to rain in the morning, but then that gave way to wind.  The wind blew all afternoon, and then gave way back to rain.

This was more of a spring rain, as it was accompanied with wind and lightening.  So today I was working on the income taxes, and hanging around the house.  Research on the computer for tax rules and by mid afternoon, I went shopping for some gloves to ride the bike with.

I didn’t find anything that I liked, as all the gloves are put away for the summer.  No one uses gloves this time of year, except the cotton kind to plant your garden with.

So I ended up at the local Harley Davidson shop, who had exactly what I wanted, but they had HD emblems all over them, which made them insanely expensive.  That is like a cult following,  drink the coolaide and be cool.  Now give us all your money.  I bought them all the same.

Feeling guilty, I came back home and talked to a friend in Des Moines on Skype.  That has killed the evening, and I now wonder where the day went. 

It is still in the 50’s outside and the rain continues.  Darned global warming!

Retired Rod

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