Sunday, April 5, 2009

Traded Grand Kids/Chuck E Cheese

We spent the day with Claire in the morning, but she woke up with a cough, so we sent her home with her folks.  She was not up to her normal self, and had to forego a planned trip to her Great Grandma’s birthday party, and she was bummed.

Then about mid morning, our oldest Grandson, Caden arrived about the time that Claire was leaving.  We hung around some with the younger son Ben and he left about noon. 

Since we had missed Caden’s birthday, we went shopping for a new Star Wars toy set and a basket ball.  He had to pick this stuff out by himself, and had the hardest time deciding in the toy section of Target, what he really wanted.

Tonight, we went to Chuck E Cheese for games and pizza.  We took our neighbors six year old Michael as well.  We had two first graders running around with grand dads unlimited quarter supply.

The pizza in this place is expensive, and barely rates at about a par with a Cici’s pizza buffet.  Baaaaaad!

We did go to another quilt shop, in uptown old Overland Park.   This is like a farmer’s market and antique shop downtown. While Loyce was spending her time in the shop, Caden and I were over in the Scooter Shop on the next block.

Camping would be all kinds of fun with a little 150 cc scooter to buzz around in wouldn’t you think?

Retired Rod

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