Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Headed To the Lake

Why is it that when you declare that we are leaving for a few days, then all the stuff that you should have gotten accomplished seems to flash into your mind before you can leave?

That is how this morning went. Oh I need to pay this bill, and I forgot to pack up the computer last night. And what about setting up all those medications that I have to take every day. We didn’t get away until 10:30. Rather slow for just packing our suit cases in the trunk.

And then we had to stop at a license bureau in Belton, that I normally use for the Missouri tags, and purchase the pontoon boat tag. $100 for three years. Not so bad in the off years though, lol.

But the place was packed and I stood in line for another half an hour. Loyce made the best out of this delay, as she shopped the antique stores in the downtown business area.

Belton is an old railroad stop, and they have numerous old train engines and cars on the tracks as displays. And this has attracted the antique shops, and then the fabric shops, and you understand. Something to do while waiting for the license to be issued.

Our drive was quiet uneventful, for the entire three hour duration. We have been over it time and time again, and as Al Bossence of the Bayfield Bunch said a day or so ago, you get to the point where you as so accustomed to the surroundings that you no longer see them. And that is how our Missouri drive has become.

We arrived here and loaded all the stuff into the house. And then declared we were going to town. Since Loyce hasn’t been here with me for several of the trips over the winter, she had to see all the changes that have been made.

They remodeled Wal Mart, with many new grocery and frozen cases and a new liquor store. This made our old store look and feel a lot like the newer stores in bigger cities. The Osage Beach Wal Mart was one of the very first super centers that redefined the stores in the 1990s, but it is really old now and needed this face lift. We have a grand opening scheduled for tomorrow.

We might go if we really need something, but otherwise no.

We are here to clean and get the boat ready to go out on the water. That will require some power washing and some warm weather, but the forecast is not in our favor. Perhaps I will brave the cold and get some of it done all the same.

Time will tell.

Retired Rod

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