Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Basket Ball Blues

What happened to the Michigan State that beat all the number one seeds? I went to Iowa, and since it is a big ten school, I would have to root for M State. But they were not even close to being up to the task tonight.

Since moving to Kansas three years ago, all we ever hear is Kansas U, and everyone is against Roy Williams since he promised not to leave, and then bolted for UNC. So there are no parties in Kansas tonight. They had their big year last year!

We spent 10 hours last night below freezing, which makes the trip to the Lake very much needed. Tonight is to be even colder. The forecast is for a low of 24. This is April?

Today I went to the car wash with the SUV and the Camry. I spent some time with the towel in the garage detailing, but the 37 degree temps got too me rather quickly.

Tonight the heat pump is droning on and on. It will change over to the gas heat, once we go below 30 degrees, and we are almost there right now.

Tomorrow it should begin to warm up, I HOPE!

Retired Rod

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  1. Cold everywhere Rod. I not sure what is going on with the weather make me a little bit nervous though with all the global warming

    Take Care put up some picters of the lake house I would love to see it. A big Hello to Loyce

    Brenda Brown


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