Thursday, April 23, 2009

A summer day and a new evergreen.

My goodness we made it up to 78 degrees today!  It felt like summer!  Reminded me of going over into Phoenix with Rob and Sissy to get the new batteries for their Freightliner giant class C!  It was in the high 80’s that day

I just went back and looked, that was March 3rd.  Big mistake leaving Arizona, they do not appreciate what they have out there in the way of weather.

This morning the lawn irrigation guy came and started the watering system for this year.  It must now be summer for him to do that, right?  We only lost one rotating head due to freezing, but I just can’t wait to see how much that will cost.  They test the backflow valves to make sure that yard water can not flow into the public fresh water system.  He had several gauges hooked up to test the pressure in each of the backflow chambers. Then he went around the yard and adjusted each nozzle to spray its intended area.  Finally he reprogrammed the main brain to a spring program, and discussed how to change the program as summer progressed.  He was quite thorough.

Then I went to get a new evergreen from the nursery.  What I didn’t know was that there was a wire cage still in the ground that was around the old root ball.  So as I tried to dig the hole out for the new tree, I kept tangling the shovel in this wire.  It took me forever to get this old wire out of the ground and the tree into the hole.If I had to make a living doing these things, we’d starve.

I needed more mulch, and Wal Mart was a zoo, so that killed another hour.  When Loyce came home I was sitting in a lawn chair almost dead.  I have more yard duties, but they will have to wait for another day.

Tonight, one of our ham friend’s wife has passed her first ham test and received her call sign.  She was able to check into their community’s local emergency net with her call for the first time, so we discussed and congratulated her on the accomplishment using Skype.  Way to go Betty!!!!!

Now all of a sudden I’m rubbing my eyes.  Why am I so tired?

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, it's time to pack in the sticks and bricks and get on the road! You still have maintenance to do but no lawn and yard duties!

  2. I'm afraid Loyce has no intentions on leaving her house any time soon. She has repeatedly said how nice it is to be home.
    I of course would leave tomorrow. LoL!



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