Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mexican Food and New Recliners

Its late and the day is gone, and I am not sure where it went to.  I hate it when that happens.  Surely it must have been more important than that.

We were up at the stroke of 8:15 because the dog was whining in the kitchen.  She is blind and wanders aimlessly so we have to tie her in the kitchen to help her find her bed and water dish.  She never messes on the floor, unless she has bad owners that forget that she has to go out.

So when it is time for that trip, she whines at us.  Hey I got to go.  Depending on the morning, she might decide that is 6 AM, and other times it will be 9.

By mid morning, Chris our oldest son brought Clair over to stay the day.  We were solving all the worlds problems, and decided to go over to Belton, Missouri for some Mexican lunch at Mi Pueblito.  We spent a lot of time there last summer when we were running the used car lot.

The place has really authentic food, but is not the very cleanest joint around.  But the sun was out and we took the Camry to get better gas mileage than one of the trucks, and off we went.

They have a luncheon Chimichanga that is popular in our family for about 6 bucks.  What’s not to like about that?  Once stuffed with Frijoles, we returned and everyone went their separate way.

Grandma and Claire for a nap, Chris to parts unknown, and I was off to Nebraska Furniture Mart in the West Side of KC, Kansas. 

I have two older recliners here in the family room, and they have been repaired repeatedly.  They are made by Lane, and came with a 5 year warranty.  They began to fall apart at about 5 and a half.  The mechanisms seem to sheer bolts with my fat carcass loaded on top of them.  Now if only I could lose about a 100 or more.

So since that is not going to happen anytime soon, I went and purchased 2 new chairs. (lazy Boy, lifetime warranty) I waited in line to pick them up at the warehouse on the back of the store, and was home around 5.

I wanted a swivel base on one of the chairs, but they didn’t have time to install it at the store.  Traffic was backed up for about a block for pickups.

So I grabbed the extra base and said I’d do it.  Mistake!

With the chairs unloaded and inside the house, I started on the base, only to find that it is installed with Torx screws.  They were so tight that I couldn’t move them with a normal screw driver, and had to go to Lowes for hardened bits to go in a quarter inch socket.

About an hour and a half later with skinned knuckles and only one bolt sheered, the base is on.  I’ll spare you the intense nasty words used during the process.  No wonder they kind of looked at me when I said I’ll do it. They knew all along I would have trouble.

So now I am sitting in the new chair with the swivel base, and wondering why it is so close to midnight.

Retired Rod

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