Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wasting time on YoVille

Today was set up face book day, as I was offered friendship from more folks than I could believe. It’s amazing how many folks that know folks that know you, and folks that you read their blogs and so forth, that we all set up today. Jo Wishnie warned that it could become addictive. Is that ever an understatement.

Tonight, we were on skype and playing YoVille as we joined the same server so we could see each other, and I went to the factory and got a pay check that I didn’t have to pay for with paypal. Still do not understand the paypal part.

But enough of the facebook, surely I did something else today. It was sunny and in the mid 60’s during the day, but the wind blew like crazy. I went out on the motor bike and the wind about blew me over.

I was working on the dining canopies that we will use in Dayton next month. I had a broken rib in the top that holds up the canvas. I tried to find a piece of fiberglass rod over at Lowe’s but the only thing that came close was a plant stick, and when I cut it it was hollow steel painted with rubberized green paint.

I did get it put into the canopy, and it set up normally. I loaded a bunch of the stuff that we need, to take over to the utility trailer, so it will go to Des Moines this weekend. They will be able to load the things they want for Dayton in the next three weeks, without it being a last minute deal. That will be cool.

I went over to a more distant Wal Mart this evening, and the wind again blew so hard that it slowed the bike and tested the little engine against the load of me and the wind. It had all it could handle LoL. That late in the day, it was down right cold, so the bike found itself put in the shed for the night.

Loyce worked in our basement, going thru her backlog of sewing supplies. She is still down there as I write this, and its bed time. But we have no appointments for tomorrow.

Another tedious day here in KC.

Retired Rod

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