Monday, April 6, 2009

Ooops, that's too COLD!

This year seems to be the winter that wouldn't end. When I left the Lake place last Wednesday, it was in the high 60's and mostly sunny, and I thought spring was finally here. It was now April, and it never is too cold once we make April. So I switched off the electric heat. No sense letting that run now that it is warm. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong.

As I have been watching the forecast for our area here in KC and Lake Ozark, I have noted that it may get back down to freezing for brief periods at night, but nothing serious, still OK with the heat off.

They keep revising the forecast. To get colder each night! So tonight it is to be 29, and then back up into the 30's for tomorrow. But,,,,,,, Tomorrow night, it is to be 21 at the lake for most of the night. Oooops, that's too cold to take a chance on no heat with the water turned on in the house.

So at about noon today, I loaded up the car and headed back to the Lake home, to turn on the heat again. Ah hind sight, it is always 20/20. It rained and was about 36 all day long. I drove the SUV that I store for the winter every year, and got it totally grimy dirty. It hadn't been started since last November, but I had charged the battery every now and then, so It started right up.

It ran somewhat sluggish at first, but I didn't push it too hard. After about 5o miles, it got into the grove and began to purr right along. It is a V8 and they are much smoother than the smaller engines we typically drive now days.

Once at the lake, I set the heat and dug thru the storage to find an item or two that we needed in KC. I had thought I would stay overnight, but it was only 3:45. What the heck, I'll be back by 7:30. So off I went on the return trip.

I was back here by 7:15 even with a gas stop over in Missouri for the ten cent cheaper gas. One does not drive by cheap Mo. gas, and then buy higher taxed Kansas gas! Your tank is always full when you cross into Kansas, that's the rule when you live here, LoL.

So after driving seven hours, we went to Fuddruckers since I hadn't been there since San Antonio. Loyce didn't ride along today, so I had to go pick her up first, and low and behold, they were out of Sweet Potato fries. So was San Antonio two weeks ago. Next time I am going to call ahead to see if they are out. I shouldn't go as often as I do, so perhaps it is good that they run out.

Retired Rod

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