Sunday, April 12, 2009

More of the Same

Chris and his family are out camping, as a last hurrah before he leaves on a new job that he can't say much about. So today we have no grand kids. Ben and his gang are hanging around home playing with a new to them bike for Ema.

Cici and Loyce hung around the kitchen most of the morning, and discussed the possibilities for the upcoming wedding of Cici's daughter, our niece, Lindsay. She will be married on October 3rd, in Prairie du Chien, Wisc.

With all that discussion, I was only about half engaged, reading the internet at the same time, until I decided it was time to get the new motor bike out. Loyce had asked that I go and get a ham for tomorrow. A good project for the bike, a one item grocery list!

I am only a partially seasoned, veteran cycle rider, since it has been about 15 years ago that I rode the old Honda Helix that I inherited from my dad. I kept that bike when we still had his house, as I had no place to garage it. Once we sold his house, the bike had to go, and I was out of the business.

So I am doing close by neighborhood rides to get back in the groove. I have to pass the Kansas skills test in order to get a full license, and that will release me to ride with a passenger and at night. Going after a ham is just right as practice. The ham rode in the under seat box right on top of the engine, on the way back. Cooked to perfection from the heat of the engine, LOL. Not what Loyce had in mind!

Later in the day I rode back to the dealership to go get a windscreen for my helmet. It is about 13 miles each way to old downtown Overland Park, on mostly 45 MPH city corridor streets. The traffic is quite heavy on Saturday so you need all of your witts about you. But I am getting my old skill back.

It was up to 60 this afternoon, and that is not too warm at 45 or 50 MPH. I am still using a winter jacket for these runs, but surely look out of place, when I arrive somewhere. Of course the kids are riding with light weight coats, but their heating system must work better than mine.

The Kansas City suburbs is not a good place to relearn motorbike skills as the drivers are finatics. But if I take it to Mesa next winter, that will not be any easier, so deal with it. I find that younger men will look at the bike with interest, like they would like to own one and then pull right out in front of you anyway.

This afternoon, I had some high school aged guys pull up along side me and snort their mustang ford's V8 engine, making fun of the little motor bike. They think it is a moped, and are alarmed when it will keep right up with their car. I followed them for several miles, and finally they sped off at speeds way in excess of city limits, you know, just to show me they were more manly! Right.

Everyone have a Happy Easter, hunting eggs and baskets and the like. But take a moment to reflect on the religious nature of the day and be thankful for our many blessings.

Retired Rod


  1. Well what can i SAY Loyce I am sorry that Rod likes his Skooter so much. I love your blogs Rod but not your Skooter!!!!!!

  2. It must be the Harley Davidson gloves that intimidates those hot


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