Thursday, November 4, 2010

At last some RV activity!

This afternoon, I went over to our local Freightliner dealership to check on an appointment for an oil change for the motorhome.  I did this work last year, before we headed out in late October.  But with the surgery and recuperation time, I think it would be wise if I wasn't  laying on my back trying to reach up into a diesel engine changing an oil filter.

Since it is not optional, I didn't even ask the price for the work.  Perhaps once I take it there next week, I will inquire, but there is nothing that I can do about it, even if it is way too high!  They seem to know what needs checked and the fellow was nice enough to let me bring it in early and they will keep it in their fenced lot overnight.

So with that done, I went over to the storage lot to make sure that it will start.  Wouldn't that be bad, if it wouldn't go when it needed to be over there for an appointment.  It hasn't been started since mid September, and I would have to look back in the blog to see what day we washed it and drove it back to storage.

It did fire right up, and the generator started as well.  But once the main engine is running, I think the genny gets power from it, so starting the second engine is not much of a stretch.  Perhaps I should do that in the other order, allowing the generator to charge the truck batteries, but have never had advice on that matter.

I was happy to report that my mouse traps did not have a single customer.  They were still set in their armed position, and had not been messed with.  So so far so good on the critter report.  It has been really close to freezing here at night, so if we were going to get them, they would have already moved in.  But I left the traps armed just the same.

After allowing the engines to run for 30 minutes, I shut it all down and locked stuff back up.  I try to let it run every 30 days, but this time it has been more like 55 days or so.  I was over there when I put the mouse traps in, but didn't think I could sit in the seat to start the engine that time.

I am amazingly much better now, as the seat and climbing into the side door was no problem at all.  I still have a bunch of gas and bloating pain as the night comes along, but the incision pain is not as sharp now.  Every day is slow, but I am coming along. Yea!

I went to our discount grocery store here in the Midwest, Aldi.  They are a German company and have stores here in the Midwest.  They only take cash and Debit cards.  So after picking out about $15 worth of stuff, I checked out.

Of course they wouldn't take my Debit card.  Declined!  I tried twice, before handing over the cash.  The bank is right across the street, so I drove right over and asked why!  Well they couldn't see that there was ever a request for a transaction from Aldi.  Ya gota love discount stores!

So that is the excitement for today.  But it does relieve me to have the appointment for the service on the motorhome, by a real franchised Freightliner dealer.  Now to go rob a bank to pay for it!

Retired Rod


  1. I always have far more confidence in the pros to do a job right rather than trusting myself to do it right but I'm pretty darn good at filling up the windshield washer resevoir:))

  2. Good to see you taking another item off the list in preparation for heading south.

    I have read and feel it makes sense, to start and run the gennie to charge batteries so that you save wear on the engine alternator.

    Mac & Dianna

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Travel Safe

  4. Hope the oil change bill isn't too shocking and that your debit card works! Good plan on getting the pros to do the work this time as crawling under a rig wouldn't be a wise thing for your to do right now.

    A big step forward to getting on the road!

  5. After your surgery you probably thought you would never feel this good again Imagine what a few more weeks are going to improve! Glad you're doing better.

  6. So Happy to hear you are doing better Rod and please still take it easy, that is a mistake we all make thinking we are better and overdue things. Don't let your mind fool your body.

  7. Glad you are improving so much. Yes, even our dually costs an arm and a leg to get the oil changed, but it is all worth it in the end.


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