Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hanging by the Fire

Energy!  Biscuit is full of it!  We are sitting in my recliner, where the computer screen is on the end table!  She is on my lap, and wound up like a top.  She is biting my ear, then crawling all over me, licking my face, chewing on my socks, its never ending!

We are couped up here in the house as it got seriously colder here during the day.  It started overcast and threatening rain, but still somewhat warm.  Like the 50s.  That was not to last, as grayer and rain preceded the big cool down.

Outside it is still raining and 39.  I heard the dreaded "S" word before morning.  I hope that turns out to be wrong!  Tonight is a beside the fire place kid of night to be sure.

Suddenly, like turning off a switch, Biscuit just crashed.  Put her head down in my lap and dozed off.  Gone to the world.  Puppy time is playtime until we run down like a big windup clock.  The floor over by her crate looks like we have a two year old living here, with chew toys and puppy chow crumbles spread all over the place.

Loyce is hanging out working on one of her never ending fleece and yarn projects, and I am reading blogs. It is supposed to warm up later in the week, but tomorrow is already Thursday, so perhaps it will be warmer by the weekend.

Maybe some TV, but we  have never been big TV folks, so that is not a big deal on my list.  Perhaps just dream about traveling to the Southwest.  Maybe review my lists of things to take with me!  Yawn.......

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like that little girl is keeping you very busy! :) I would be dreaming of traveling to the southwest too. Well, actually I already am dreaming of that, it's just still 4 years away.

  2. Love to watch puppies play! I sure wish I had some of her energy.

    Travel Safe

  3. At 14 weeks, Sadie is starting to mature. We are using Cesar's training ideas on her (critical since she is a mixed "Bully" dog) and she is responding well. She still has her "crack dog" moments, but most of them are taken out on her toys and not our hands (which was a real issue initially - she LOVED to play with moving hands).

    Hope you will submit her photo for featured pet of the day at and hope she is reading Sadie's blog there, too.

  4. Both Molly and Rylie were little 'ear-biters' too when they were puppies - sharp little teeth aren't they?

    Energy's the word for sure then they just crash and fall asleep right on your lap - it's no wonder we get so attached to our little friends.

    Don't forget to take lots of pics and show us a few too!


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