Saturday, November 27, 2010

Packing stuff!

Well no kicking back here!  I went over and brought the motor home over so I could do a lot of stuff on it again today.  It was in the early 20's outside this morning, and the RV was really cold when I got it out of the storage lot.

The dash heater ran on the way back here, but didn't do much good since it is only 4 miles to the house.  Once here, the work outside began, and I'm not sure what all I did, but I never quit all day.  I did go get more clothes to put in and worked on sealing up a hole in the firewall under the drivers dash.

The coach must have had its Sirius radio system added after the rest of the equipment was already installed.  Someone had just knocked out the foam plugs that fill the firewall hole where the wires were fished thru.  In the summer, it was obvious that we had a big leak of fresh air under the dash somewhere, since the AC would never really be able to help when it was over 90.

But the other day when I was driving it back to the storage lot and it was about freezing outside, I could see my own breath in the driver's seat.  I traced the cold air to under the dash and got to poking around, and found the wire hole.  It wasn't all that big and did have some foam in it, but I could still see daylight out thru the firewall.

I bought a can of Great Stuff,  which is like a can of whipping cream that you put on your pie at Christmas.  It has a straw like trigger, and makes a really big mess, if you aren't careful.  I just gave the hole a couple of shots of foam and backed off.  It kind of ran down the inside some, but it expands quickly.

It felt much warmer as I drove the rig back to the storage lot tonight.  But perhaps that is just my imagination.  But the draft seemed to be gone.

Oh, and I did remember to put the satellite box back in the rig.  But promptly forgot the remote.  I was sitting here looking right at it and all at once it dawned on me that without that remote the satellite box would be about worthless!

We'll have to get the rig back over here in the morning, as Loyce has all of her stuff to get packed as well.

Retired Rod


  1. Ah, the big day is getting closer, won't be long and you will be off in a trail of diesel smoke, and a hearty Hi Oh Silver Away, Sorry got carried away, Glad to see you are getting close MO & KS are getting into the cold season now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I'm with Sam it is good to see you are getting loaded up and ready to roll. It will be nice to get a little more south and maybe you will be able to help it warm up a little. Frost on the grass here in Fort Worth this morning.

  3. What a pain that you have to keep driving the rig back and forth to the storage area each day. Too bad you just can't leave it in front of your house overnight. :)It's frosty this morning here on the Upper Texas coast too.

  4. Glad you got the foam to fill up the drafty areas!!!

  5. Good job getting that hole fixed up, Rod. Sounds like you'll be on your way soon and headed out of those frigid weather conditions.

  6. have the fun of gettin out of 'dodge' is packing up and loading up!!


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