Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from the Lake

Biscuit slept most of the night in her laundry basket next to our bed.  She was awake at about 5 AM, and somehow made it into the big bed, but Loyce said she wasn't at fault!  Huh!  How could that be?

Well anyway I woke up with her laying almost on top of my chest.  She was snoring!  Well so much for any hope of using the crate that we bought!  It won't be up to me, LOL.

We worked on cleaning up the Lake house, as we hadn't been there for about 8 weeks.  Much of the work surrounded the fall leaves and cleaning up remaining dishes and laundry from prior visits.  Not that anything was left dirty, as it wasn't, but we go thru and rewash stuff that was done in a hurry.

Biscuit played in the kitchen running back and forth chasing her ball and the pink Kong toy with its odd shaped round balls.  The kong goes all different ways when batted due to its shape, and dogs of all ages go nuts over them.  If your dog doesn't have one, get one!  They will love you for it.  It is also hard rubber, and mostly indestructable.   The picture is the bigger red one for larger dogs, but is identical except for size.

She also took issue with the door stop inside that back door.  It is one of those spring type stops that can be batted and it makes a "boiiiing" sound as it comes back straight.  Once she realized that she could whack it one and it would make that sound, thats all we heard.  And then she would bark at it, and run around and do it again.  She got down on all fours with her belly on the floor and stalked it like it was alive!  Just too funny!

We left kind of late and got back way after dark, since it gets dark so quickly now, and Biscuit slept most of the way.  That may not bode too well for sleeping tonight.  We shall see!

Retired Rod


  1. The battle is over put up the white flag and make room for Biscuit, She has won in no time flat, and I know you guys love every minute of it. I laughed out loud at the picture in my mind of her doing battle with the door step. how clever. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Have you tried stuffing treats into the Kong, that makes dogs really go crazy.

  3. Tucker use to play with the door stop too..must be a puppy thing!! is so funny to watch them explore their surroundings..small things amuse them when they are little!!

  4. Biscuit rules!! You guys didn't even put up much of a fight - good for you!!

    It sure sound like Biscuit is going to be a lot of fun and will keep you entertained for hours with all of her little puppy tricks!!

  5. Sitting here giggling picturing Biscuit playing with the door stop spring!!!

  6. Oh, my fostercats found the door stop spring, too.

    It is wonderful that Bisquit is feeling so at home with her new 'parents'. Seems like she is growing bigger each day.

    I can see why Loyce couldn't resist her. She is gorgeous.

    Maybe a look at my journal today, it is about training dogs:

    Happy Tails, Penny, TX.

  7. Gotta watch where ya throw that Kong thing because they don't have a predictable bounce like a normal minded rubber ball. Those Kongs have a mind of their own & can easily launch themselves right through your new 54 inch HD TV screen. And, it ya got it loaded with peanut's gonna be a messy crash!!


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