Sunday, November 14, 2010

Biscuit, our new addition

Our new gal moved right in and took over immediately!  She was not happy with her new crate, and became quite vocal about it at 2AM.  Loyce had said no way was she going to bed with us!  Yea right!

She is a puppy and very restless!  Drove us crazy, but wasn't whining any more.

Her first night at our house was probably traumatic for her.  In the morning on Wednesday she was happily at her Iowa puppy mill, not knowing what was to happen next.  By mid morning she was whisked away on a road trip with a broker to the Ritzy part of KC, Leawood!  And to a pet store, yuck!

She was placed in a cage with another little pup that she had never met before, and it had bright lights on top so she could be seen from the other side of the wall.  After spending Wednesday, and Thursday nights at the pet store, a strange lady comes and takes her home!

Then she gets crated in a brand new crate that doesn't even smell like a dog yet, and the lights all turned out in the house.  Once she woke back up at 2, she put up the fuss.  Wouldn't you!  Where the heck am I?  Where did my Boston Terrier buddy go?  I only knew him for a couple of days, and now I am all by myself.  Where are my brothers and sisters?

But today had another big adventure, as we left in the car and headed to Lake Ozark.  Little Biscuit rode in her new mom's arms most of the way, as we didn't bring the great big crate.  We will have to get a smaller travel crate that is fiberglass, but we are overwhelmed with purchases for her in the last 24 hours.

We are here checking out the house and its winter provisions as we are not sure when we will get back to make sure everything is OK in the future.  I had the heat on and the water turned completely off, so all was well when we got here.

And we found the new Kawasaki Jet Ski in the garage just like the man at the marina said he would do.  It was on our trailer, after he modified the winch to make it the newer style.  We asked that the battery be left dry, so it will be new when we rig it next spring.  For now we rolled it back into the corner so we could get the car in.  Loyce did most of the rolling, as I am not quite ready to handle 800 pounds yet.  We just skidded the tongue on the concrete.

Once we button this place up a little better tomorrow, we will return to KC.  Meanwhile, I think little Biscuit is becoming more accustomed to her new parents.  She ate most of her food tonight, and drank a lot of water that will come back out before morning.

She is sleeping in a big laundry basket with her fuzzy bed pad in it, and has her stuffed lamb to cuddle with.  She is on the floor right next to mom, so maybe she won't whine all night!!


  1. Yup, that's what happened to our two mutts...first night in the crate (they took turns howling)...then we moved the crate into our bedroom thinking they would be more settled if they could hear us, then we brought them to bed with us just for a few minutes, OK an hour...Now when we say 'bed time' they race for "our" bed and we are lucky to get a side of the bed with a pillow that's not furry! Got to love them!! (We ended up giving the crate to the neighbours...!) You are going to love your cute little Biscuit!
    Take care and sleep well...

  2. Well, I wouldn't much like sleeping in a crate either so all the time we've had the gang we have never had a crate. No hard & fast rules at our house, they are family & can sleep wherever they want. Bisquit is a cutey pie & will fast become the head Honcho at your house. She will be the center of attention & that is a rightful position. And, she will be your number one source of entertainment for many, many, years to come. Yaaaaay Bisquit:))

  3. Oh, Oh, methinks I have been spelling Biscuits name wrong. Got it right now....woof woof:))

  4. Looks like you swallowed the hook line and sinker by the amount of pictures on your blog, she is a cutie and looks like a white version of our new Sadie who I haven't met yet but I am sure is also taking over at home. Don't feel bad Buddy, it happens to the best of us, she is now assured a place on the couch and bed at home and in the MH .Look at that face. Oh well she will give and provide a lot of love and companionship to both of you and now go and claim your title of King of the Scoop. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Nope, Biscuit will whine tonight too, Emmi whined every night between 1 and 3am for I bet two weeks--we always put her back in her crate and she would eventually fall back asleep. Puppies aren't for sissies, to sure, but we do love them! Emmi now sleeps part time in her bed, part time in ours. Biscuit looks like a sweetie!

  6. Biscuit is one of the cutest little pups I've ever seen - looks to me like she'll be the boss very soon! You'll both love it though as Biscuit will return that love a thousand fold. I'll bet your grandkids will wanting to come over and play with Biscuit as well - they'll sure be excited to meet her!

  7. Biscuit is so CUTE! are in big trouble!!..she is going to rule the roost! can you resist that little face!!

  8. The photos today of Biscuit show how really cute she is. Once a dog gets used to their crate they love it and when the door is open they will go there on their own. I can hardly wait to watch her grow up! Yes, buying a dog from a pet store is a big no no, but at least she is one who survived a puppy mill life or death on the way to the pet store. Thankfully she has a wonderful new home for years to come.


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