Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weather problems!

Now here is the problem, why Al is freezing his behind way down on the Mexican border, and the Dallas Fort Worth crowd is whining about frost on the lawns.  It seems the jet stream has divided itself and has a nasty Southern flow across the North part of Mexico.

This thing is trouble for the next several days.  See it split and even go over Florida, before heading back North.  Gonna be some major league bitching here in the near future.

We want to leave, but it is actually colder South of us than it is here in Kansas!  So what should we do?  They are forecasting single digit cold West of Albuquerque along I 40 in the middle of next week.  We have a reservation in Mesa!  Don't ya just hate reservations?  Why do we all feel like we have to march to some imaginary drummer?

We will have to wash out the antifreeze in order to live in the rig at some point!  Maybe the light bulb in the water locker trick will have to come into play, but if we get to single digits like the prediction, I'm not sure that even that will do any good.

Meanwhile we are getting closer, that is if we don't kill each other in the loading process!  We have to get out of here sometime, or the really bad snowy stuff will catch us soon.
Biscuit dog, hasn't figured out what is going on, as she had to go over to the Vet again today.  She is on the last of her antibiotics for the kennel cough, and seems to be mostly over that.  But it was time for the next round of puppy shots, and that includes the doggie flue shot.  H3N8  influenza.  Loyce said she really cried when she got that one.  Aww, I'm glad I wasn't there.

So this afternoon, she has been sleeping off the effects of the shots in a mostly lethargic stupor.  She is in her crate with the door closed and she hasn't even objected much.

I read that this doggie flue is mostly transmitted from contact with other dogs at dog parks and common potty areas like at the RV park where we are going.  When you have 200 dogs going to the same square block as a dog walk.  We might just pass on that area for a while when we get there.

But anyway she senses that something is up, as we are not in the normal routine of drinking coffee and going shopping.  Actually, I am thinking normal might mean going to the Doctor's office around here.  We both wonder how she will adapt to traveling and sleeping in the motorhome.  We may have a rather sleepless night, on the first night out!

Who knows about all this stuff?  Time will tell though!

Retired Rod


  1. Temps are actually coming back up here in southeastern Arizona & as I type this at 5 a.m. I see it is 47F in McNeal about 10 miles from us. Know what you mean by those 'dog areas' in RV Parks. Even when we were at Rusty's RV Ranch a few weeks ago we still took the guys outside the Park & walked them on a dirt road nearby rather than the enclosed dog walk area. No way!! I don't think we have ever made one single reservation ever since we started RVing, yet it seems the popular thing to do. Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess. Bisquit will probably be fine in the Motor Home & that is just one of the great things about a Motor Home....they are much more pet friendly because of the room pets have to feel at home by staying in their home while traveling.

  2. We too avoid pet areas in RV parks--even when we had an adult dog--too many things they can catch in those places. Good luck figuring out the weather, we are doing the same thing.

  3. A little frost on the lawns is not a bad thing, makes me think about how much better that is than the two feet of snow back home.

    Daytime temperatures are pretty good too.

  4. The 'weather gods' seem to angry this year and the worst of it is there is nothing we can do about except wait or move somewhere warmer. Hope you're able to get away safely pretty soon.

    We've never had any problems with our dogs caused by doggy parks. As long as their shots are all up to date, they should be o.k.

    Biscuit should be back to normal after a day or so. Those shots always take a round out of Rylie for a while too!!

  5. hang in there ..soon the wheels on the bus will be rolling..heading for warmer weather..where ever the heck that is!!


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