Friday, November 26, 2010


Excuse me, I'm busy cleaning thee Au jus off of my glasses!  I meant to take a picture of the roast as it was on the spit, but before I got the camera out, it was all carved up by my sons.

They were taking big chunks of the meat and dipping it into the previously mentioned Au Jus that they had made in a big cast iron skillet.  They were cooking the rarer pieces to a more done condition, in case the person requesting the cut didn't like it quite so rare.

Mine was just cursory dipped, in order to get some more juice, but not allowed to linger enough to diminish the pink goodness.  They had a big bowl of Horsey sour cream on the center of the table, and some folks had brought cups of the Au Jus to the table with them.  Loyce's fresh rolls were dipped into the hot Au Jus as well.

There were the six of us and the five kids, under 8 years old, and we dispatched all eleven pounds of the roast, well except for the bones.  And we had all the traditional side dishes too.  Corn Casserole, and fresh green bean and cheese casserole.  A big crock pot of mashed potatoes, and another of white gravy.  I mixed in some Au jus to go along with it.

Well that's enough about that!

I'm sitting here stuffed to the gills, as I ate way too much for my recently resected insides.   I really didn't go way overboard, but still I'm not used to that much yet.  We then settled to the living room for the football game and the kids played noisily.

Chris gave me his I phone, and I got to playing the game Angry Birds!  I read on the internet, that they have sold 10 million copies of this little game for the phone.  At 99 cents a pop.  Wow, not a bad gig!

Later Loyce gave the kids some of their Christmas presents, as we will be gone for that Holiday, and she wanted them to be able to open some stuff right now.  They happily obliged.

So Thanksgiving is over here, and we are back home without the big mess that was left over at Ben and Danielle's.  All I can say is thanks a bunch, as we are trying to get ready to scoot out of here.

Tomorrow is the big shopping spree day!  And I think I will go out and ...............      HIDE   somewhere!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you had a great day, and as for Black Friday I am with you. Hide behind the couch and hope that no one comes to drag me out amongst the crazed.

  2. sounds like it was 'an undo the pants kind of dinner!'...good for you..thanks for sharing all the drippings!!..we can smell it from here!!

  3. Oh, was that prime rib you were consuming? I'm jealous! :)

  4. That beef roast sounded terrific and so did all the trimmings! Nothing wrong with 'filling up' once in a while.

    I'm with you, just kick back today and watch a few football games. Auburn and Alabama should be a dandy!


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