Monday, November 8, 2010

My internal clock!

My watch says 10:30, my mind says its time to go to bed!  I just hate these time changes, because it messes up my internal mind clock so bad.  How do we get so set in our ways?

We didn't do too much here today, as Loyce went on a long walk and I putzed around the house.  She has been into walking almost 3 miles, and that is way farther than I can make in my current condition.  I tried to watch the football games, but lost interest.  And finally settled for computer time and internet surfing.

So the car never was started, and I never left the house.  My kind of a Sunday!  Sorry it isn't more interesting to write about, but some days are just like that.

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod

    You asked a question on JB's blog about our dog Meggie and the border crossing. We didn't have any trouble with her in fact they never even asked about her lol so of course we didn't volunteer that we had her with us, but in case they did she has had all of her shots and a paper from the vet stating so.

    Keep getting better

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  2. Your Sunday sounded pretty much the same as mine, Rod.


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