Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roof Repair, and the License Bureau

This was a busy day!  I was dozed off upstairs, after spending the early hours awake, when I should have been sleeping.  I do that a lot.  Wake up before its time and then fall asleep when its time to get up.  The joys of being old!

The roofer was here and wanted to talk to me.  Our roof has had a leak for the last several years.  Not enough to really be bad, but still it has wrecked a part of the ceiling in Loyce's craft bed room.  So at her insistence, the  the fellow was here to look it over and fix it.  I don't do roofs anymore, so what ever he said about it is fine with me.

He worked for about 2 hours and charged us an arm and two legs!  Something about a minimum charge, but again I don't do roofs anymore!

Once he was gone, I went over to get a simple license tag for the trailer under the Jet Ski.  Its a three year tag, but needs to be purchased in Missouri.  But that is only about 15 miles away.  Once I got there, the lady wouldn't sell me the tag, because the Property Tax Receipt was for a 1995 trailer, and the registration was for a 1996 trailer.  Now how many Tags have I purchased for this trailer?  Nobody has ever cared before!  Still no go.  This particular clerk got up on the wrong side of life and simply would not license anything with the county charging taxes on a wrong year trailer.

So I drove back empty handed.  Later I called the Miller county court house, and they seemed incredulous that this was even a problem.  The valuation would be no different, the clerk there explained.  And I said I understood, but that with the problem the folks in Belton would not issue anything.  So the gal in Miller county said she would fix the records, and mail me a corrected receipt.  Which I could then use to go get the tag.  Of course this will have to be done in March or April.

After that we went and brought home the motorhome, and began to load up some stuff.  My son Ben came over and helped load the recliner that I changed the base on last week, since I am still not supposed to lift anything over a paper weight.  On the way back to storage, I filled up the diesel tank for $75, from us driving around town.  My water in fuel light is still out from last summer and the fuel additive.  We did change the filters with the service two weeks ago, so we have our fingers crossed that the water in the bottom of the tank will go on thru as we use it up next week.

It was very dark when I got back home with the pickup.  We are closer to being loaded, but most of the stuff will be last minute things that we use every day.

Oh, by the way, I see that when you read this it will be my birthday tomorrow!  But we have nothing planned, since I really can't go eat much in the way of restaurant food yet.  Maybe a big bowl of sugar free Ice Cream.  You know the stuff that tastes kind of like Styrofoam! LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Happy Birthday Rod!! Put some chocolate syrup on that styrofoam. I hear it makes it taste just a little better!!

    Too bad about the hassle with the licence official - another one with just a little bit too much of a power syndrome!

  2. Happy Birthday Rod, Hey out home in Dardenne Prairie they have a no sugar added vanilla that is made by Prairie Farms Dairy it is in a blue oblong container. see if your super markets carry it, it isn't bad at all..Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....


    Hoping you have a great day. We also hope you are feeling good as new real soon.

    Travel Safe

  4. Putting chocolate syrup on styrofoam might just give it a nice cardboard flavor. Nothing to sneeze at of course. Congrats on the birthing day.

  5. Too bad that chocolate syrup probably has more sugar in it than the ice cream. Have a great birthday anyway, remember, it's not about eating, it's about enjoying the day to the best of your ability!

  6. Happy Birthday Day Rod. Hope you have a wonderful day filled with all you heart desires. Try some frozen yogurt I think is has less sugar.

    Brenda Brown

  7. A very happy birthday to you, Rod. WE were getting our 5th out of storage yesterday and it freezing when we were putting the batteries in and hooking up ( minus 22 celcius! ) WE can't get out of the cold fast enough!

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope the leaky roof is fixed for good. :)

  9. I hope you have a very happy birthday Rod.

  10. Hi Rod!

    I also never try to work on, or fix my roof. When my home was under renovation, I hired 2 roofers, Charlotte NC-based who'll work for roofing installation because I want to finish the renovation right away. Gladly, professional roofers in Charlotte (NC) are easy to find.

    By the way, belated happy birthday dude!


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