Friday, November 19, 2010

Winterizing the sprinkler system

No snow, thankfully!  But it remained cool all day. Overcast until mid afternoon, so I hung tight to the house.  Well actually I was waiting, for the sprinkler service, that was to arrive sometime between 1 and 5 PM.  By three thirty, I called!

The lady called it a window appointment!  I guess the window is the one to five bit, but I was miffed by then and didn't ask.  She said the driver would call when he was coming.  So I went over to Wendy's, but went thru the drive in.  And just as I was getting the sack, the phone rang!  Wouldn't you know it?  But I still beat him to the house.

He was a good fellow and went thru the process rather quickly, but had done so many this season, that he was really quick at each task.  He secured things so I can just turn the water back on in the spring and see if anything is broken then.  Many of these folks will leave it in such a manner that you have to have them come and turn it back on.  That way they can collect another $75 in the spring too.  He said they have way too much fertilizer business in the spring and would just as soon we could do it by ourselves.  Well OK then!

Tonight we reached a week, that we have had Biscuit living here at our house.  She has forgotten that she ever lived anywhere else by now.  Oh to be a puppy and have so few problems.  Food bowel is always full, and the water dish is filled up by mom!  The bed is soft, and the house is warm!  I wonder what she will think as we transition to the RV.

She has spent more of her time in the crate this week, and we reached a milestone tonight, as she actually went outside and did a number 2 in the back yard.  We had the potty part down fairly well as long as we remember to get her outside every two hours, but the other part had alluded us.

But perhaps we will get this potty thing down in just a few weeks.  She is smart, but I just don't know how to explain it to her! LOL.  She had to have her rambunctious time tonight where she ran all over the place at high speed. Round and round the island in the kitchen, as fast as possible.  Energy!!!

If only I could drain off some of that, but then I weigh considerably more than 5 pounds too!

Retired Rod


  1. It's been several days now since we had cute puppy pictures to look at! (hint, hint) ;)

  2. Hang in there, she will be potty trained before you know it!!

    Travel Safe

  3. We found with our puppies that if we gave them a little treat outside after they did their business, it seemed to help. They seemed to connect going outside with getting a treat.

    Biscuit sure sounds like she's happy with her new home - why wouldn't she be?


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