Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Puppy, and a new RV Site!

Boring day back in KC!  We are waiting for the holiday, but had Biscuit to entertain us during the day.  She did well during the night, but had mommy up at about 7 AM.  That is probably good for us all.

I started on the reservations at the Arizona RV park as soon as it was 8 AM out there.  But that must have been too early, as I was dumped into the voice mail, where I was promised they would call right back.  Ya right.  After a couple of hours, they hadn't returned my call, so Loyce got into the act.

She called up and stayed on the line until someone picked up.  She explained our new baby and immediately learned that we had violated the rules for our reserved site.  Well He!! we knew that!  She got put on hold for a while when a second lady finally picked up.

They must have been discussing where to put us, or to send us packing as this is our first year there.  But in the end, they offered a site right inside the front gate, but over one row closer to the noisy highway.  Well what are you going to do?  Of course we took it.  This is no where near the nice private street site up in the back of the park that we had reserved, but then at least we are not on the main drive into the park with all the traffic.  All be it, only one row off of it.

We at least we will know to reserve a pet site next year!  Assuming we decide to go back.  This will be our third year in a row in Arizona.  We may as well buy a house there and get it over!

With that handled, it was time to take Biscuit for her Vet appointment.  She gets a free exam, but that only hooks you into using the Vet attached to the pet shop.  And of course there are all the rest of the puppy worming and shots to be completed, so this is becoming an annuity due, for the folks that sell these little critters.   But we love her, remember!  They explained how the Vet goes over and examines all the dogs as they arrive from the puppy mill breeders, and will not accept many of the dogs that are offered.  This keeps us customers protected from bad dogs.  A sales job I am sure!

I went out late in the day and bought a remnant of vinyl flooring to put down under her crate, so when we have accidents, the wood floor isn't in danger.  And you know we will have lots of accidents.

So our life is still all controlled by a little 5 pound puppy, and her needs.

Tomorrow I have more tests scheduled over at the local medical facility, and may not make it to the blog tomorrow night.  So don't be alarmed, when I fail to show.  I'll catch up later.

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like that little one is keeping you busy! She is SO cute!! Glad to hear that you were able to get another spot in that RV park. :)

  2. Sounds like Biscuit is whipping you folks into shape in fairly good order.

    Good luck with your tests.

  3. Glad you were able to get another spot in the same park. Hopefully, the park has a little 'dog park' area for Biscuit to get to meet a few other furry friends to play with.

    We've found at the dog parks that the older dogs pay special attention to the little puppies and take very good care of them even when the little ones jump at them and want to play.

    The older dogs seem to know that it's o.k. and they were little once too.

  4. We started to travel full time 3 weeks ago with a 10 year old Beagle our son had supposedly adopted. We got her back just before we left; surprise, there are now 3 full timers aboard. So far it hasn't been a problem with the four RV parks we've stayed at so far. It's easy to meet people when you have a friendly dog. Enjoy Biscuit; she is adorable. We are headed to AZ too. Take care.
    Terry http://blog.gypsylife.net/

  5. Loved your almost hidden comment about just buying a place in AZ and get it over with. My sentiments exactly. Waiting for the next shoe to drop. Glad you're feeling better. Chuck


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