Saturday, November 20, 2010

Biscuit Pictures

What do you mean, I'm innocent of everything!  I didn't make that spot on the carpet, honest!

Well once in a while I like to chew on my toys, maybe a little bit.

And then when I want to be loose, I pull on the rope tied to the cabinets, and pull, and pull!  Well you know I finally give up on it.  Until I forget, and start all over again.

But I am being a really good doggie, and going potty outside when they take me out there.  I have gone both ways all day, and mom gives me a treat for doing it.

I sat in dad's lap for most of the evening, and even went to sleep for a while.  That is after I chewed his clothes and suspenders and the computer wires and his beard.  But he doesn't mind!  Biscuit

We are just hanging out here in KC making plans for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I went over and got a haircut mid morning and hung around the shop for a while as we were all teasing each other and having fun.

I grabbed a chicken salad and a junior cheese burger at Wendy's and that was about our entire day.  

It has been going well below freezing for the last several nights here in KC, and I am really glad that the motorhome has the pink stuff in its pipes.  Today it was sunny in the afternoon and warmed up to about 60 during the day, and it is to be warmer for the weekend, but by the first of next week the warm is gone, and we are to be in the teens by thanksgiving.   If it stays that cold when we finally leave here, we won't be able to put water in the rig until we reach warmer climates.  I wonder how that will work out?

Most of the RV parks are closed for the season here in the Midwest, so we will have to check out where we can go that will be open.  Planning will need to be done in order to make a departure this late.

Perhaps we will just stay at a nice warm Hotel for the first night out.  We did that four years ago when we left after new years for Texas.  It was in the teens when we stopped in Oklahoma for the first night, and we opted for the Motel.

 Retired Rod


  1. Looks like Biscuit already has you broke in, she is really a cutie, Tell her Rigg's and Sadie said Hi from the other side Of MO. Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  2. What a cutie! Thanks for posting some more pictures. :)

  3. Biscuit is such a cutie!!!! Don't you just wonder what is going on inside that little head...ok we know it is play, play, play. Have fun and enjoy every minute.

  4. Like everyone else has said, Biscuit is a real cutie and must provide you with hours of great entertainment each day. It's always fun to see what kinds of things get their attention. Our puppies just loved it when a tupperware container fell onto the kitchen floor - what a treasure!!

    Thanks for the pics - keep 'em coming!

    p.s. we had a couple of inches of that white stuff overnight!! I think it's called snow!! It's a chilly 32F here this morning.

  5. That little Biscuit is adorable!


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