Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunny but Windy and a Watch arrives!

When you have parked in the house all day, what can you talk about?  The weather!!!  So it was barely 55 degrees here today.  But as is almost always the case here in Kansas the sun came out all day!  We did have some clouds in the afternoon, but the weather forecasters only called them Few, as opposed to Scattered, which must mean more.

The wind didn't know it was sunny and 55 however, as we had gusts from the North at 35 mph.  It really felt as though we were in the winter pattern.  After the turn of November, it is really the start of winter.

I have a bad habit of collecting watches, and I never need another one because I have too many already, but that doesn't stop me from ordering another.  So on Sunday, I did just that, ordered another.  By Tuesday I had the tracking number with an estimated delivery of Friday.  But just for the heck of it, I checked the FedEx tracking again today, and voila its out for delivery!  The problem was, that it required a signature or it went back in the truck.

So, I was stuck here until three in the afternoon waiting for the FedEx ground truck.  The watch  was in Memphis, Tn yesterday morning, and after departure only took an hour before it was scanned again in KC.  Not exactly ground!  But what's wrong with that.  It just messes up your planning a bit.

Since it was so cold outside as I was sitting waiting for the truck, I went back over to the motorhome and retrieved my winter shoes, from under the driver's seat.  Never enough bins in the MH.  That was about it for my day here.

Retired Rod


  1. Hey, Rod could you please tell me what time it is? LOL

    It's cold here in Texas this morning too.

    Travel Safe

  2. Stay warm, and enjoy that new watch!

  3. One day you'll have to tell us all why you collect all these watches? Sounds like winter is beginning to creep up on you in Kansas.


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