Thursday, November 25, 2010



                                         HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

We will be with our family all day today, so there will just be the usual football watching and food eating that we all do every year.

Ben has plans to rotisserie a beef rib roast instead of the traditional turkey!  That will be some good eating, and the turkey just puts me to sleep in the afternoon anyway.

So I will gather up the Diabetes Medicines, so I can take extra when I violate the no sugar deal with some serious pumpkin pie, and head on over for my fixins!

We didn't do much here today, except Loyce got busy cooking her contribution to the meal.  She always makes the rolls from scratch and she was baking those darned old pies all afternoon.

I had to leave for a while and go get a salad at Wendy's.  It was chicken even, and I never can eat chicken, but thats better than snitching pieces of pie!

So have a Happy Thanksgiving at your house and we'll do the same!

And for my Canadian friends, how come you all seem to be down here by Thanksgiving time?  That wouldn't be so you can celebrate the big dinner deal twice, now would it?

Retired Rod


  1. Dang it Rod, you caught on! Have a Happy Thanksgiving up there in KC.

  2. nothing like three Turkey dinners in one year!..not for us this year though..enjoy your 'baron of beef'

  3. There's still a few of us RV'ers left up here in Canada, Rod! I'll be watching some football today and while you're enjoying that nice beef roast and some pumpkin pie, I may be chowing down and weiners and beans, who knows?

    Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!!


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