Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hanging out on Saturday and more Football.

Biscuit got us up at 7 again, as she can't make it any longer in her crate.  We have decided that she must get used to sleeping in the crate.  Even if it kills her and us too.  But we have also taken the crate up and put it in our bedroom, so she feels like she is close to us.

This works sort of.  As long as she can see and smell her momma.  Doesn't matter one darned bit if I am there at all.  But momma!  Well she knows who bought her!

She has also come down with the kennel cough.  She was only there for two days, for lands sakes, but that was enough to get it.  So today Loyce took her over to the Vet again.  This time the pet store is paying for the medicine and the Doctor bill.

So we have listened to the doggie hack and sniffle all day long, and even though you aren't supposed to get what the dog has, you can't help but wonder.

My older son and his daughter Clair came over during the middle of the afternoon, to play with Biscuit, and the dog almost attacked Clair.  She licked almost all of Clair from head to foot and wouldn't leave her alone.  Biscuit really likes kids, well since she is a kid herself.  Claire giggled and giggled!

And then that brought the Hawkeye game onto the TV so that anchored me for the rest of the afternoon.  I'm not sure why I watched, as I knew we had about zero chance of winning, since we have not won over Ohio State in something like the last 12 years.  And of course they won in the last few minutes after we had led the game for the entire time.  They have to win, Trussel will beat them if they lose.

I decided long ago, that I will not be bummed out for losing to Ohio State!  Its only one game, and we play them awfully close most of the time.

It was fairly warm here today, and the sun was out most of the day, but the high 50's does not constitute a day outside at the park.  We are told that we will have temps in the teens by Thanksgiving.  I can't wait!

Retired Rod

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  1. Hope Biscuit gets rid of her coughs, puppies and kid's, now that's a great mix. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


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