Friday, November 12, 2010

Grand Daughter and a Chair Base

Today was a little different, as we did have our youngest grand daughter here from late morning until after supper tonight.  She is such a happy child, and never fusses, except when gramma puts her down for a nap!

Boy, she can then raise the roof!  She is in a strange bedroom and I think that frightens her.  And she can wrap gramma around her little finger too.  Put up a fuss and gramma comes!

She did sleep for the longest time, once she settled, and that was my cue to slip out of here.  I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart.  They are from Omaha, but have a huge store out West of town by the Nascar track.  They have put all the other furniture stores here in town, out of business.

I was looking for a swivel base for one of our recliners.  We have a Euro chair that came with the motor home, and it is fine for a couple of week trip, but it doesn't rock, or recline, or swivel.  Well it kind of reclines, as you can turn the knobs lose and tilt yourself back some.  It also has a separate foot stool  that is tilted at an angle that does not match my legs.

Since we plan to be gone for months not weeks, I remove the Euro Chair and trade it for the smallest recliner here from the house.  That recliner does not have the swivel base, which made it hard to deal with in the smaller confines of the motorhome.

So that is why I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart.  I took the model number of the chair, and the salesman looked it up and sold me the swivel base to match.  $89.  Plus the sales tax.  So I found myself sitting in the pickup lanes outside of the warehouse.

They have about 10 lanes that go past the warehouse doors, and cars and trucks are lined up 20 deep in each line.  Patients Rod, cool your jets!  They will get to you in due time.  But it began to rain more heavily, and I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel.  But alas, there was the guy with my box, and it fit in the back seat!

Once back here, I began to install the base.  It is a tedious job, as there are springs in the rocker part, that must be stretched with a bar in order to put the screws in.  They don't just line up.  And to make things a tad more proprietary, they use Torx head screws.  A T25 which is more of an unusual size.  But I had one in a set that I bought last year.  Then the big round base goes on with a T30.  I found that in a different set that was hiding down in the basement tool box.

Loyce helped me get the initial screws back into the base spring as we only had four hands between us and needed six.  The grand daughter was still asleep upstairs at the time.

So after about 4 hours of total time, the chair is sitting here ready to be traded for its counter part in the motorhome.  Whew, another odd job off the list for travel to Arizona!  That's only 16 days away!

Retired Rod


  1. I always wished I had a better recliner in my 5th wheel. The one I had was ok and was comfortable, but difficult to recline in all the way back. Glad you got what you wanted.

    And of course grandmas can be wrapped around little fingers. Grandchildren are our reward for raising their parents!

  2. WOW, in only 16 days you will be swiveling yourself into Arizona. Groovy:))

  3. See Rod I told ya, now just three weeks to go, Good thing happen to good people. Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  4. Great to hear the date has been set and communicated to the world. Sometimes I wish I had a recliner along on our adventures also, but alas only so much room.

  5. How exciting! Glad you're feeling well enough to head west!

  6. Our new 5'er has those recliners with the swivel base and they are pretty nice and comfy! And, I didn't have to put them together either and worry about all those torx screws!

    16 days is going to come along pretty quick - lots of planning and packing for you to keep busy!

  7. Hooray! You'll be in AZ in no time!


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