Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Night

I am sitting here watching the election returns tonight.  The big news is that we will now change to another make up of government here in the US.  But with the House of Reps being Republican, and the Senate being Democrat, and a Democratic president, I think we will now have gridlock, and nothing will be accomplished.

Folks will more than likely forget in two years (2012) that they went for the conservatives in 2010, and we will not get much change then either.  In other words, Obama could still be reelected with an opposing congress, so I do not look for a bunch of big changes in policies anytime in the future.

So that is all I'm going to say about that since this is not a political blog, and I realize that I have readers on both sides of the fence.

We sat here and had a leisurely breakfast, and talked of plans to load the motorhome.   We cast some thought about the new RV park that we selected last year.  I think I have explained that we are going to the Valle del Oro RV resort in the very Eastern part of Mesa.  This is right on the intersection of US 60 and the 202 freeway.

These are both 4 lane interstate like highways.  There will be a bunch more traffic noise.  It is a much newer park, and is 1,800 sites.  But that makes it a small city in itself.  We will have our same lot that we had last year for all intents, even though in the different park.  Our lot last year, however, was almost all concrete, as it was an old park model spot.  Where as this year it is mostly a gravel spot.  It only has a small patio of concrete outside the rig door.

We will park the coach on the gravel, but also the car will park on gravel as well.  Last year we had a concrete driveway. And some landscaping. 

So why make this change?  Mainly it is because the Mesa Spirit park is 50 blocks West of the new location, and closer to the run down center of the old town.  The neighborhoods are more inside the redline areas of town.  We are beginning to not feel as safe in the old park as we have before.

Last year for the first time, the park did not have security on the front gate at all during the night, and we saw several instances where we had undesirables driving thru casing belongings that were unsecured at the wee hours of the day.  This is not worth a couple of hundred bucks a month in saved rent.  Or a concrete driveway either.

We tend to be night owls, walking around the park, after others have gone to bed.  So if we encounter cars that do not have US origin license plates  (other than Canadians LOL), driving around at 11 PM, or 1AM  its time to move on!

Arizona is trying desperately to get a hold of the crime problems in its major cities, and has voted for Sheriff Joe Arpia over and over, but here I go getting political again.  But we think this move to the newest part of the trailer villages part of town is in our best interest.  There are newer parts of town than where we are going, but they don't allow us trailer folks around there!

There are a lot more organized activities in this new park as well, but we are mostly loner folks that do not get really involved with our neighbors.  We are very gracious and congenial, but to date have not been involved to the point of sharing meals and such.  We won't go hide in the boondock desert, but we won't be over to see what's for dinner at the neighbor's either.

Now one of the things that I will be involved with, is the Country Store that they have on Thursdays.  They were on Fridays at Mesa Spirit.  This is the flea market in the community center.  It is a very big deal in Del Oro, with about 4 times the vendors.  We will only be about three miles from the Mesa Swap meet which runs Friday, thru Sunday, and I am told that many of the Thursday vendors come from there.  I have had a good time with these in past years.  Loyce tends to hang back from these events, so we will see if this attracts her.

Well I'm rattling on here, and have probably bored you to death, so lets quit right here, as I watch Harry Reid point at me with his index finger, in order to drive home the point that he was re elected to be the Senate majority leader!

Perhaps I need to turn off the election coverage!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Haha - you stuck with the election coverage longer than I did - by 10 pm we had heard enough, and decided to head to bed. By the way, I agree with your opening thoughts.

  2. I'm with ya on that 'loner folks' & not hanging out with the neighbors thought. We loner folks are a definate minority in this highly socialable RV community we move about in. It's one of the main reasons we prefer to 'hide out' in the desert:))

  3. We will let you come and hide out in the desert with us Rod and Loyce! And we won't make you come to potlucks!

  4. We are not big social butterflys either. Like you, we are not rude, but don't like being drawn in to every little thing that is going on. We do participate in the pot lucks, but that is about it.

  5. Election news coverage is one of the best reasons to not have a TV. Eventually I will know who won and who lost, but don't have to listen to the constant blathering of puffed up newscasters to find out.

  6. I like all the amenities of the nice RV Resorts but could care less about all the social activities. The only 'event' I ever attend is the occasional Sunday morning 'pancake breakfast'. Like you said, we're friendly to our neighbours but otherwise like our privacy more.


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