Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

We have all participated in the service of our countries whether we are actual members of the armed forces, past members, or just civilians that have had to live thru the tough times.  During times of war and strife, we each have to modify our activities, purchases and taxes to provide for the war effort!

May we somehow learn as peoples of the earth, not to fight with each other!  Whether political, religious, or tribal customs, our differences are not so great that we can't become tolerant of our neighbors!  The practice of feeding our young people into a war machine to appease these intolerances before they are old enough to understand why, seems barbarous!

Just my take on things as a former military man.  Your opinion may vary!

Retired Rod


  1. Well said, Rod. I agree completely with your opinion especially in light of your own experience of having served in the military. My Dad was a veteran of the D-Day invasion and was a POW for a year. He pretty much felt the same kinds of feelings you have expressed.

    It must be nice to know that your service to your country is so greatly appreciated by so many today.

  2. My sincerest hope in life is that the buck stops with my son Tim, and that my Grandson Adam will be the first Weibel in generations to live in peace and not have to go off to war someplace. Great post Rod, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


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