Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogland asks for Biscuit...

I hear some of you folks out there in Blog Land wanted to know how I am getting along here in Kansas City.  And if I was all grown up now..

And of course I am all grown up, just look at me!!!  But my  mom says I am still very much a kid.  I guess that is because I still run off and make her chase me and then duck out of her sight.  She goes ballistic about then.

But lets face it, that is when I get to meet the other people here in our neighborhood!  Some of them are so nice..... but mom says they might just keep me.  I wonder if living at their house would be better?

But how am I ever going to know if I don't run to see what's over there?  Well anyway, I have to stay around here ever since then.

But today we got to go over to Delaney's school, and it was all full of kids.  Boy were there lots of them to play with all at once.  I was soo excited that I had an accident, right there on the floor.  Oops..  Well it only got on mom before they wiped it all up.  And she don't mind........

So I am OK here in KC, and I am having lots of fun, because it seems like one of the grandkids comes over to see me almost every day, and I get to go play with them and sometimes we go on walks all around the neighborhood.  That tires me all out, and then I sleep all afternoon long........

I get to sleep up in mom and dad's room, in a great big crate that is all mine.  But I can see um up there on the bed so I don't mind the crate.  It is my special place, and sometimes I like sneaking up there and laying down when they aren't looking.

But lately I have been going way back in the clothes closet that is behind the bathroom.  I like to crawl under my dad's pants that are on the lower closet pole, and lay back in that pile of shoes that he doesn't wear any more.  They will look and look for me, and think I got away again.......  It's FUN!!

Well for me anyway.......LOL



  1. LOL Great post!! Love the pics of Biscuit! :)

  2. Oh, Biscuit you are so pretty and cute-I love your eyes! Hopefully, soon, you will get to meet your cousin-Lily Belle-and you can play your hearts out! You add a lot of happiness to your mommy and daddy's life! I think you should have your own Facebook page-you are so cute! Stay out of trouble!

  3. Thanks for the update Biscuit, you are one cute looking little puppy. I hope you get to meet Molly and Rylie some day as you guys would have great fun together.

    Don't wander off too far from home either, it's not always safe out there. Hiding in the closet is o.k. though as it's fun, like you say.

  4. She is adorable, Rod. All the puppies get excited and have accindents some times. Love that face..

  5. you know of course your meal ticket is with your mom and dad! a smart dog would return home after meandering the neighbourhood!..the grass is not always greener on the other side of the are a real cutie Biscuit and someone may keep you!!

  6. Great post Rod. I agree I think Biscuit should have his own Facebook page

    take care Bicuit I can't wait to see you in Arizona

  7. Oh my goodness....Biscuit is adorable!

  8. What a cute dog! Enjoyed the post.

    B Hart

  9. Lovely pictures of Biscuit. Thanks.
    She is growing into quite a little lady.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  10. Biscuit you are a cutie. But please don't wander too far. Mom will really worry about you and you don't want to do that to her. Scooter and Skittlez said to say hi. They are getting a little older so they wouldn't make very good playmates. Have fun.


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