Sunday, June 26, 2011

The trip home.

I was off about 10 AM this morning after filling up the fuel tank and doing the last day chores.  Always have to do the extra super clean out of the tanks.....

And it was only about 4 hours back up here to KC, but the real work started when I arrived.  You all know the drill, unload the fridge and all the clothes and all my stuff that I seem to pack out for every where I go.  But since I had the trailer and the motorscooter, that had to come out and be put away, and then the trailer had to go over to storage, except the truck was over in the motor home storage, so that had to get stored first, then the trailer.

And to top it all off, today was Amateur Radio Field Day.  And I always attend the field day events, if I can.  But I have not been too loyal of a meeting attender these last few weeks, and I didn't even know where the radio site had been set up.

But after a few minutes on the two meter radio in the truck, one of my friends answered with the name of the park and its location.  It was about 10 miles North of us down here in the Southern end of town.  But that became a motor scooter trip tonight at about 4:30.

They had all the barbecue to die for that one could eat for $5.  And I made the effort to have a big plate and wander around to all of the various stations set up to communicate with distant Hams.  But by about 8PM I was feeling the distance of the day and returned here to my easy chair and the many blogs that I have missed during the trip home from Alabama.

Boy that bar be cue was good tonight!  They had brisket, ribs, sausage, burnt ends, and pulled pork!  What a line up..........

Retired Rod


  1. Glad you're home safe and sound. We had barbecue tonight also but yours sounds better than ours.

  2. I love BBQ, and we had some at the get together yesterday.

    It was when Rusty was still small that you told me about the dog friendly motels. Again, thanks Rod... :)

  3. Glad you made it home safely and in time to get to that BBQ. The menu sounded pretty darned good!

  4. Ya that BBq did sound good and I know ham radio people know how to put on the feed just about like RV'ers... Glad your home safe and sound......


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