Saturday, June 11, 2011

Haircut and a loose dog.

Now what the heck did I do with today? It got away somewhere, and I didn't see it go.......

The salesman from the roofing company called and wanted the rest of the money that I had for the roof.  We are still waiting for the remaining payment from the insurance company, but for now he wanted all the money in my possession.  So I determined how much that was and wrote the check.  But....

I really didn't want to talk to the guy, so I left the check with Loyce, and headed out for a watch battery.  Well, when you own as many as I do, you do need batteries quite often.  And I have found a very nice Japanese watch fellow that is about my same age in an older strip mall.  He charges too much for replacing a battery, but I pay him just the same because he probably needs the business.  Besides he knows his stuff, and is fun to talk to.

It only took him about a minute to change the battery, but we talked much longer about a broken watch that I own.  He wants more than the watch is worth to fix it.  So unfortunately he wont' make that sale.

From there it was over to the Missouri side of town where I get a hair cut.  I like to keep things rather short, so it was time again.  I found that one of the regular barbers had a heart attack, and that worries us all.  Getting old is not for the weak.  Boy I hope they can get on top of that.  He was a smoker, and I guess he gave it up cold turkey when he got out of the hospital.  He is 66 years old.

Once back here, I learned that our pesky pooch Biscuit had again ran out the back door when one of the grandkids had left the door open, and was out and about the neighborhood for an hour.  Luckily, our daughter in law came to the rescue and found a lady carrying Biscuit down the street.  She approached the lady saying, Uh, I think you have found our dog we are looking for.  Thanks Melissa!!!

I'm not too sure what the lady intended to do with Biscuit, but the name tag on her clearly has the phone number and address of our house, and we hadn't received a call.............

This afternoon I was out on the motor scooter getting an oil filter for the bike over at the local Suzuki dealership, and just hanging around for a while to learn what I might learn.  It was a slow and sleepy day over there.

I shopped at Wal Mart and got a Wendy's and spent the rest of the afternoon here at home.

A lazy Friday, but it rained for most of the morning, and we only had about 5 or 6 hours of dry, before it began to rain again tonight.  The forecast is for rain over the weekend too......

But the dog is back home, so all is right again in the world.   She just loves everyone and is your best buddy, and we are worried to death that one of these days someone won't bring her back.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad you got the wandering Biscuit back safe and sound. She is a cutie so someone probably would be tempted to keep her or sell her.

  2. Sure glad you found Biscuit safe and sound. She sure seems to be and adventurous puppy - I think I know another one like that around here! Friday was a bit of a lazy day around here as well - must be the weather.

  3. So glad that you found Biscuit.
    Is she microchipped, as there are people who will steal dogs to sell them online, or to laboratories?
    Oh dear, little Biscuit is going to have something nasty happen to her if she isn't trained not to door dash.

    My two dogs won't go through a door unless I tell them it is OK.
    Maybe a barrier before the door would help:

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX


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