Friday, June 17, 2011

Rain some more

Lets see, pictures of Biscuit..... uh I got that new camera, and it is sitting on the counter.....drawing dust.  I haven't taken many pictures of anything since I got it.  I'm not sure why, just haven't.  I think it is a problem that I tend to write the blog late at night, and it seems like such a hassle to hook up the camera to the computer and then download, and edit and save.  Then upload, and resize again.........

I keep promising myself I will start on the blog earlier, but never seem to get around to it.  And today was no exception. It began to rain fairly early this morning, and didn't let up for most of the day.

Loyce had promised our 4 year old grand daughter that she would go get her and take her to our subdivision pool, and it did let up on the rain for a bit, so they went to the pool.   But in a little more than an hour, they were back because it started back in raining.  And by now it was only 66 degrees outside.

I was sitting at home waiting for the FedEx man.  I had ordered another collectible watch, and they sent it signature required.  I just hate it when they do that!  The driver rings the bell, and is so pressed for time, that he is filling out the missed delivery slip before you can even get up and go to the door.  And he was later today than normal, almost 1:30 before arriving.  Usually he is here right after noon or so.

And of course then I had to mess with the new watch to see how it works, and if I want to keep it.

 Stuhrling Original Men’s Limited Edition Bridge Automatic Diamond Rotor Lizard Strap Watch

I directly copied this photo from the web site rather than resize it because it shows the mechanical bridge mechanism.  This watch is wound with the rotor that looks kind of like an anchor behind the bridge movement.  It also has 15 little diamonds set into the rotor. The band is lizard.

Mostly, you can see right thru this watch as it is glass on the front and back.  The actual gears are quite tiny and are set into the narrow bridge that stretches across the center.  I'm not sure if this is a watch that I will wear, or if it is more of a conversation piece to sit and study with other geeky watch aficionados.

Well with the grand daughter over here, we didn't get much done for the rest of the day, except play with her and the dog.  Biscuit is so playful that it scares Laney, so we have to work on Biscuit sitting still and letting herself be petted.  She is quite the kid too.

Then tonight we got caught up in all the coverage of the resigning congressman.  The 24 hour news channel can grab me and then I wonder where all the time went.

Retired Rod


  1. Neat looking watch. That's something I could look at for a while too!

    If you get Biscuit to sit still with your granddaughter, let me know how you did it so I can try and teach Rylie!!

  2. what a shame we don't get to see your 4 year old Granddaughter and Biscuit. Come on Rod pick up the camera !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We need new pictures of Biscuit!! It's been a long time. I wish we could get Rusty to settle down too. I am afraid he will act this way till much older.


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