Wednesday, June 22, 2011

See if you can figure all of this out!

I am in the campground along the highway in Jonesburo, Arkansas.  It is late, and the highway is droning on with traffic.  I am alone in the motorhome this time, as Loyce opted to stay back home with the contractor that is working on our basement.

So lets back up, and try to make some sense out of all of this.  Yesterday, the contractor was supposed to come over and go thru the rough in work with me and mark up the floor with our plans.  He didn't show up.  Finally he called and said he was behind and it would be tomorrow.  Great, I wanted to get on the road after I talked to him...........  Not gonna happen now.

So I opted for plan B, get a lot of work done that needed to be finished before I could leave for Red Bay.  Like mow the yard , and go over to the DMV and renew the big pile of license tags that are expiring at the end of June.  They do it with the first letter of your last name.  I equals June..

I also needed to change the oil in the motorscooter, as it rolled over 4,000 miles.  I rode down to the cycle shop in Spring Hill, and traded in my coupon winners certificate for some Royal Purple oil that is synthetic and supposed to be better than sliced bread.  The stuff must be gold, because they charge $15 a quart for it.  The bike takes 4 quarts, so that would have been $60, but with the $40 winners certificate it still cost $20 and tax.

My son Chris came over and helped me by doing the stand up jobs while I rolled around on the floor with the drain pan and filter wrench.  Then I went and retrieved the utility trailer with the pickup truck.  And as the sun was settling in the West the bike was loaded and ready.

Fast forward to Tuesday, the lumber company guy was banging on our door at 7AM for us to move our cars so he could leave the bundle of studs that the contractor ordered.  Well, since I was up, I headed over to the storage lot and retrieved the motorhome.  Once back home, I hooked up the trailer with the scooter in it, as that will be my transportation around the Red Bay area after I am parked on a camp site.  It is 40 miles to the Wal Mart in the next town, but that will be a nice relaxing ride......

We spent the rest of the morning going over the plans for the rough in, and I finally was on the road by 1PM.  Now that's a nice early start.........  I drove for 7 and a half hours to get here to Jonesburo, and the campground guy had gone home.  Or where ever he goes, as I think the house out by the highway was his dad's.  He passed away this spring, so things are in limbo around here.  I just moved onto one of the spots and hooked up.

I'm sure he will get me in the morning, or maybe I'll sneak off at 5 AM and not pay....... not too likely, LOL.


  1. Hey, at least you have some productive excitement happening in your life with all that's going on & things to do. A little traveling time, some new scenery, & a change of daily routine. Now, how nice is that for chasing away the boring summer doldrums eh:))

  2. Have a safe trip to Red Bay and back, we are in an different Bay, Green Bay Wi. Haven't seen any Packards though or Packers for that matter. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. In the motor home on your way to Red Bay - ahh what a life. And hopefully things are under control back in the basement.

  4. You move pretty quick! You did a lot of driving yesterday. Good luck with the repairs at Red Bay.


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