Thursday, June 23, 2011

I make Red Bay.

It was deathly quiet in the motorhome, except that the highway was out there with way too many cars......  By quiet, I mean that it was the first night I have ever spent in the motorhome without Loyce along to keep me straight.

You know, the constant assistance that I need to keep things picked up and put away.  Guidance on where stuff is poked away in what cupboard and so on.  But after the evening meal and the blog was written, I couldn't keep my eyes open anyway, so it was out like a light.

I did leave the AC unit on fan only just to drown out some of that highway noise.  I awoke at 6 AM in a start!  Where am I, but it came back quickly, and then I tried to go back to sleep for an hour, but by 7 I was up for all day.

I made breakfast and washed the dish (only mine) and showered and dressed and by 8 I was out looking for the park owner to go pay him.  He was still missing.  I messed around with the tanks washing them out and draining the gray tank from the shower.  With all hoses and cords stowed, there was still no one over at the house-office.

This house has a covered porch with a couple of chairs on it, and a pile of mail on the table beside them. I sat down and wrote a check for the $25 that the guy had charged me last time and stuck it under the top letter in the mail stack.  With a corner visible, I hope at some point they will find it.

So with my conscious clear, I went over and calmly drove out!  After topping off the diesel tank, I was on the road before 9 AM.  I buzzed right thru Memphis, noting that the Mississippi was back withing its banks.  And by noon I was in Corinth, Ms.  I usually top off the tank there as well, because fuel gets more pricey South of there.  It was $3.69, which was the lowest price I have seen anywhere in weeks.

I parked on a side street and had Wendy's!  I only had about 50 miles and I was at the repair facility here in Red Bay.   Of course no one here even remembers my troubles and the phone calls.

I finally found the fellow who I had been talking to on the phone in an upstairs office.  After some explanation, he finally remembered some of the story.  But just the same, he dumped me off on the head ticket writer fellow Jimmy, who only wanted the short version of my problem.  How can we help you now that you are here?

I guess that is really all I need, to be helped from what I think I know now.  And then step back and let them fix it.  The only other tool necessary on my part is my check book!  So now we will see how long I have to sit here to get a spot in the repair bay.

As I was talking to the fine folks in the service office, it began to pour rain outside.  Setting up camp was to plug in the 50 amp cord and park.  I did park the trailer over behind the building where the others are all parked.

And tonight at about 5 PM I got the scooter out and rode over to Russellville and the Wal Mart, which is 30 miles away not 40 like I had thought.  I didn't really need anything, but it was good to ride the bike instead of driving a 28,000 pound truck.  It was still overcast and cool, but at least it didn't rain on me anymore.

Retired Rod


  1. Good to see you had a good trip to Red Bay,Sometimes batching it in the Rv by yourself isn't all bad. I make several train photography trips a year and I take time to look the rig over and do inside maintenance while I am by myself. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  2. I can tell you, if Jim ever wants to go to Hell Creek to fish again, he will be batching it without our motor home. It will be with me somewhere else. I bet the bike ride helped to clear out a bunch of those cobwebs that we seem to gather. Good luck getting the rig worked on.

  3. Best avoidance guidance system solution I have ever found is to remain independently stubborn & do as much of that domestic stuff as I possibly can on my own......

  4. Glad you had a safe trip down. Stay cool.

  5. Great to see you made it down to Red Bay o.k. Hope you get into the service bays soon and get that problem all fixed up.


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