Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm awake now.......I think!

Well, unlike last year I think I passed the scope test today.  For new readers, last year in August, I had the colon scope, and failed with a nasty large polyp that required me to have a colon resection on October 1.  I was mostly out of the picture until we went to Arizona in December.

I continue to have very sensitive problems with what I eat, so they decided not to wait the full year for me to have another one of these little invasive tests.  And yesterday was the drink the bottle of mule spit day.  Of course you essentially sleep on the toilet seat for the rest of the night.

But I wasn't scheduled to be there until 11 AM, so I had to sit around here and not eat or drink all morning.

But today I came out with only some minor Polyps that he removed.  And he liked the looks of my surgery, and told me to come back in three years.

But of course, after being knocked out  until 2 PM, and then coming home and trying to read the internet and play angry birds, I ended up kicked back in the recliner for the remainder of the afternoon.

I was called this morning by the folks down in Red Bay, Al, and they wanted to know if I had received my parts package.  Well, no.... the post office told me they delivered it.......  but evidentially not to me......  So again, being the gentlemen that they continue to be, they are ordering yet another connector on the small cable and will ship it out 2nd day when it arrives.  I offered my credit card since this was the second time to try and mail the part.   NO Charge!  He said it was the chance they took by not insuring USPO packages.

With the leveling jacks out of service, we can't level the refrigerator, and in my mind it is way too expensive to take a chance on damaging it.  So the motor home continues to be parked and out of service.

Retired Rod


  1. I'm glad that everything went so well with your test!! Great news! Have a great day!

  2. So glad to hear that everything was ok. That's great news!

  3. Great news on the test, Rod, sure happy to hear that. Also good news that Tiffin is sending out new parts at no cost.

  4. If the only thing holding you up is the leveling jacks, then do what people without jacks do. Take some 2 X 12 boards about two feet long and level the MH with them. When we had our last MH without jacks I would go by construction sites and pick up scrap boards and cut them to size. Worked fine for 8 years. Even today we sometime use boards when the site is very unlevel.

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Happy for you, Rod. Hope the good luck continues with this second package being delivered. Stay cool...


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