Saturday, June 25, 2011

KOA Springfield, Mo!

We stayed here on one of the trips down to Red Bay earlier this spring, and though it is pricey like all KOA's it is reliable and the GPS knows exactly how to get me here.  And after a little more than 400 miles and the city of Memphis in the middle, I am too tired to care.

I had stored the scooter in the trailer last night, and all I had to do was hook it up to the back of the rig.  But when all alone, it is in and out a dozen times to get the ball lined up just right.  Oh and being all alone also means that you have to do all the pink jobs as well as the outside blue jobs before you can leave.  So any thought of getting on the road quicker is out the window!

They do require you to check out of the Allegro Campground now, so they can charge you the $20 bucks a night that everyone now has to pay.  Only folks on their first year of ownership with warranty work get by for free now.  That is a new change for this year.  Since the campground is just a gravel parking lot with hookups, there is no desire to stay any longer than necessary, now that it is not free!

I forget that I am back in Missouri where it is now legal to shoot off fireworks.  And several big booms have appeared in the sky over the KOA.  I am under a lot of trees, so a can only partially see, but we have a housing development on the other side of the Rail Road tracks.

And you might remember me explaining that the tracks are very busy here, thou about a quarter of a mile away.  The freight trains are really long and rumble at a fairly slow pace, with at least 2 power units on the back end as well.  And we are out in the country without any lights in the sky at all. There are a couple up by the office, but it is pitch black out the front windshield of the motorhome.

This place is mostly full tonight because it is Friday, and many campers are out for the weekend.  The kids play in the fire pits, and make a bunch of smoke.  Transient folks like myself rarely make outside fires, but the weekend camper folks seem to live for them...

Wooo, Woooo,  there goes another freight, and they must have to blow the whistle right at the crossing out in front of the camp ground.  I had forgotten about the train part, because I was soo tired and looking for a place to stop.......

But it is just for one night, and I'll be back home by the middle of the day tomorrow.  See ya from there.

Retired Rod


  1. I've always felt that KOA can be a very welcoming sight. They generally cost more, but you always get what you pay for - I've never had any problems with hookups or anything else. And at the end of a long tiring day, the folks at KOA are always friendly and welcoming, and seem genuinely glad to see you.

  2. We don't use KOA's very much, but because of the cost, not the parks themselves. In the few we have stayed in, they were very nice. Call me crazy, but I love the sounds of the trains near the Parks, so that never bothers me.

  3. Not a KOA fan (too expensive, too many kids) but for an overnighter in a pinch - we'll stop. Hope you got some sleep before you headed out. Drive safe. And it's definitely easier with two.

  4. We use KOA's quite frequently and find them to be nice even if they are a tad expensive sometimes. At least we kind of know what to expect.

    Safe travels home today, I'll be Biscuit will be happy to see you.

  5. I hope you got Cashew Chicken when you were in Springfield. It's the only place in the world that has it and it's amazing! K


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