Sunday, June 5, 2011

More of the same!

Today started by having Mike from up in Des Moines bring back the utility trailer that we use for Arizona and other such things.  It had made its way up to Des Moines when some of my friends came to get it last month.

It went to Dayton, Ohio for the Hamvention, and carried all the stuff that was for sale out there, as well as the sales enclosure, tent structure.    It then returned back to Des Moines with all the stuff that needed to be stored for next year.

But today, one of the fellows was coming to KC for an outing and he brought it along.  They were going to the Truman Library over in Independence.  My job was to go there and retrieve it.

Independence is 35 miles from our house here in Overland Park, because we are right on the line with Olathe.  With the Saturday morning traffic, it took most of an hour to get there.  And as is usual, we had some kind of an event that closed the roads and all the ambulances and fire trucks came with lights flashing.  I headed off thru the small streets to find another way around.  Eventually with the help of the GPS, I arrived at the museum.

Mike and I were all business as he came out and helped me hook the trailer up to my truck.  He had left his wife inside enjoying the documentary about the events from Harry's time in office.  He made some hellacious decisions..........  Mike and I shook hands and I was off  again for Southern KC, KS.

This time I traveled away from the accident area with all the emergency vehicles and made it back to the 435 beltway without problems.  It took about an hour to drive to downtown Olathe, where the storage lot is located.

When I arrived, it was obvious that someone had decided to take my parking place in the lot, so I had to appropriate another empty spot.  We don't have assigned and numbered spots, so it is a lot like musical chairs, when you have been gone for a month or so.  But the rent is paid in full.

And just as I was parked and unhooked, the fellow that thought he owned my now new spot came back with his trailer.  I offered to move, but he said he would just take the next one and let the owner deal with it on Monday.  Its a gravel lot, and there are no real marked spots, just approximations of where you should be.  But it is cheaper than a lot of places, so this is what you put up with.   We wouldn't think of storing the motorhome over there....

When I got back home, it had taken about 4 hours to go get the trailer, and about 10 gallons of gas.  Dealing with the city is never easy.  Mike drove down from Des Moines in the same 4 hours, but probably used twice the gas.  But the trailer is back in its own lot, and we are back to where we started from.  Sometimes these undertakings can get so drawn out..........

Later in the afternoon it got up to 97 degrees, and I hid in the AC browsing web sites.  And had the heavy eye lid problem, but as the day progressed, I rode the scoot over to the local Harley dealer.   They were having the Kansas HOG convention for the last several days.  Tonight was the big doings with a meal and stage presentations at 5:30.  I came at about 4 and it was almost too hot to walk around and see the tents that were on the grass.

I don't know where they get so many bikes to offer for sale, but they had about three times the inventory as normal.  And with all the customer machines parked all over the place, there had to be about a thousand bikes in total.  Of course, I had the only scooter.  I parked off to one side, since I wasn't cool like all of the big bad boys...

I wandered around thru the crowd, and looked at all the new Harleys.  They had about 6 trikes for sale, and you never see that many in one place, ever.  But there were semi trucks in the back, so perhaps the machines arrive for the traveling show.  I got tired of answering the vendors questions about what I rode, and having to explain my health issues and the reason for the scooter.  Finally I just left without staying for the inside meeting.  I'm not much into tattoos and leather anyway.  LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. Thought for sure you were going to tell us you came out of that show with some 'ink' on your arms!!


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