Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just because my first name is Rodney, I didn't think my last name was Dangerfield.  But it seems that lately I have been getting no respect, just like Dangerfield's old comedy skit.  He would almost instantly dive off into a routine about how bad he had been treated when he went over to do some mundane task.

But like Rodney, the postal service seems to think we don't have need for respect.  Remember the broken leveling jack wire with the bad connector.  We found it after we returned home from Red Bay, Alabama.  They said they were going to get one from a vendor and ship it.  Then they dropped the ball, and didn't ship it after the vendor made it up for them.

That took some pointed phone calls, and then they shipped it. But it still isn't here!!  So today we spent some time trying to determine if it really got shipped.

You can't just call Tiffin, you have to leave messages in their answer machines and then wait by the phone sometimes for over an hour for them to call you back.  Then they have to go find out what has happened and call you back again.  This phone tag took most of the morning.

The long and short of all of this is that they did ship it and read me a tracking number.  US Postal Service........  Oww!  Of course looking at that tracking said it was delivered the 2nd day, and perhaps it was, only not to our address.  They can't find it because it wasn't insured and did not require a signature, sorry!!!

Shipped to the proverbial black hole.  But that black hole had our address correctly on the package.  They promised to look around at our locked mail box pedestal and see if it was in someone else's box, but it was delivered way back on May 27th so wouldn't it have surfaced by now even if it went to the wrong patron?  They simply have lost the package and refuse to help..........

If it absolutely needs to get there, do yourself a big favor and don't use the government's postal service, you won't get any respect.  Your name will become Rodney as well.

Retired Rod


  1. We know what you mean, we have our mail seasonally changed from WI to FL on the internet, and pay a buck off our credit card to get it done, well, this year they changed the hubby's back to WI, but my mail is still sitting in FL, piling up.
    I am almost afraid to say anything or they might start sending my mail to Mooseline Canada, or some other ridiculous place.
    If I leave it be, they might catch their own mistake someday and start sending it to WI, but probably not until we are back in FL.
    No wonder they are going broke!

  2. Hey Rod, it could be worse, you could have Don Rickles on your case (ya dummy!) instead of poor old Rodney Dangerfield.

  3. Sorry you had such a hard time with your package. I guess we have been lucky so far and not had anything lost or broken.

  4. I have found the USPS to be the best deal around when it comes to sending packages. The vendor who shipped it should have either insured it or requested a delivery confirmation or signature. When I send or am waiting on a package, I check the tracking # a couple of times a day to see where it is, so I know when it's close and start watching for it. I've had back luck with UPS as well as FedEx, and don't think any of them including USPS is foolproof. Just my take - I'll continue to use USPS where possible.


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