Monday, June 6, 2011

Scooter again and Messing with Opera!

I went for another long motor scooter ride again today.  I went several miles to the South and then from US 69 all the way back over to I 35.  I usually stay off of the interstate with the scooter, as it is placarded against scooters.  But perhaps they mean scooters that go slow, and mine can keep up with any legal speed, so I shouldn't have a problem just because of a design.  But who knows, a cop with an attitude could decide to make and example out of me.

So rather than return North back up the interstate, I came back to US 169 and rode North on that divided highway.  It has the same 70 mile an hour speed limit, but not near as much traffic or semi trucks.  Just seems smarter to me.

I have been messing around with a different browser than all the other ones I was familiar with.  Opera!  Now I have used Windows Internet Explorer, and Firefox, and lately Chrome, but never Opera.

Of course, since I use Linux for an operating system, I was instantly interested to see if there was versions for Linux.  And there were, in fact it determined which Linux distribution I was using and offered up the correct version.   It did ask if I was using Ubuntu or if I needed a different version.  After a quick download and about 2 answers it was loaded and ready to run.  The installation under Windows 7 is also no harder.

Now browsers are browsers, and they all copy each others functions, but what I find interesting about Opera is that they have copied the best things about both Firefox and Chrome.  It has both the address box where you type in WWW.whatever and the Search engine box to type in your subject matter, but messing with the address box, it works just like Chrome's single box.  Type in the subject you are after and it recognizes that it should use the search engine and look up what you want.  So it works just like chrome.

But like Firefox, they have the Menu button up on top that brings up the main menu with all the options selections.  Unlike Chrome where you have to remember that the little wrench over on the right side bar is the menu button.

Also, you can turn on or off the main menu bar like Windows used to be before the latest clean screen versions.  So if you liked the "File Edit View Bookmarks Tools" and so forth menu line its available for your selection too.   So if you really like customizing your browser for your own preferences, learning Opera might just be your cup of tea.

Me, I just like messing around with new software to see the ideas that these folks implemented.  You know, the gee, I never thought of that before moment.  So if you like customizing your screen, and its look, Opera might just be your software.

Google Opera download to find the software install.

Retired Rod


  1. Be sure and let us know, after you have used this new software for a while, how well you like it. I am always a little worried about switching around. Afraid I won't be able to figure it out. Stay cool.

  2. I downloaded Opera and gave it a whirl today. It's a nice, fast browser with a lot of great customizable features. I didn't see enough to make me want to switch form Chrome though.


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