Saturday, June 4, 2011


A retirement kind of a day was in store for today.  I awakened with a nasty sore throat, and since this was the third day that it was like that, I called the Doctor's office to see if I could get an appointment.

And yes I got a 10:45 slot.  I needed to go anyway, because I hadn't had any lab work for several months, but since it was almost noon, I couldn't fast that long.  So at least I got the lab orders for a day next week, and that will continue my prescriptions for all those diabetes meds.

Diabetes is a nagging disease that seems to never go away.  It just comes along like life itself, and plagues you at the worst times.  So ignoring it doesn't work too well.  And I did get an antibiotic to kill the nasty germs that are causing the sore throat.

I explained that we all were in the lake cabin, and that we had 5 grand kids.  None of them seemed to be sick, but that somehow I came away with the bad throat and lungs.  The Doctor's comment was a classic "Kids are like living petri dishes."  The practice specializes in pediatrics, so he knows exactly what he is talking about.

I rode the motorscooter over for the appointment, and had on my scooter pants, and had left the jacket under the seat.  But the Doc picked up on the armored pants right away and wanted to know how they worked.  I'm sure he thinks I am nuts for riding the scoot, but he was interested in the protection provided by the clothing, and wondered why all folks don't wear it.

I had to take the prescription to Wal Mart, so that morphed into a shopping trip, and then I had to return for the pills an hour later.  The turned into the Wendy's stop.  Land, I was on the bike all day........

After taking the first antibiotic, it seemed to put me to sleep, mostly because I was up a lot of the night, so I can't remember a thing after that.  But tonight, I did the twilight ride that I had missed last night. I rode out thru the country to Gardner, Ks and stopped at the Wal Mart there.  Oh and an Arbys for Jr Roast Beef sandwiches at $.99.  And a water, just call me cheap!!

What a wasted day, but I do enjoy riding the scoot all over the place on a 90 degree day.

Retired Rod


  1. I like riding on warm days as well. No more cold weather riding & having to get all suited up against the cold for this guy. Aha, I suppose not ever being around those mobile 'petri dishes' is the main reason I rarely get sick from anything. Well, so far so good anyway.

  2. Don't sound like a wasted day to me, looks like you got a lot accomplished,
    Hope you lick the sore throat fast, nothing worse than being sick in the summer or when your on vacation.Be safe out there... Sam & Donna...

  3. Hope your sore throat gets better soon, there's nothing worse as it effects everything. It's hard to eat, swallow, talk and even breathe sometimes. Glad to see you're having some fun on your scooter in all that hot weather.


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