Monday, June 13, 2011

Motorhome work and a Storm Door.

Today started overcast, but I was determined to work on the motorhome today, so I headed over to the storage and traded the truck for the coach.  The overcast began to break up as I returned to the house.

But as I came around the corner, I could see my son Ben in the driveway, and he was unloading a large box from his van. Oh, oh, that's the door we were talking about last night.....

We were discussing how our dog Biscuit just dashes out the door the second someone opens it and is gone in a flash.  But we decided that if we had a storm door, she wouldn't be able to bolt away as quickly.

Ben had purchased a 36 inch all glass storm door for his house, but it turned out to be the wrong size for the door where he wanted it.  He was going to take it back, but it fit our front door exactly!  So he brought it here instead.

In fact he stayed for about 4 more hours as we pieced the jamb and frame together and finally finished the installation by installing the top and bottom closers.  There were about a zillion screws.  I have a small screw drill from Black and Decker, but we drilled and screwed the battery completely flat before we had the installation complete.

The door closers had 3 inch screws, so I had to get out the half inch impact drill.  It has way more torque than necessary, and was up to the task. So in the end we had a new door.  But it was almost 5 PM and the motor home still needs the attention I started early in the day.

Loyce and my grandson Caden had washed part of the rig while we were working on the door, but the drivers door side still needed work. So I spent another couple of hours on it until I about fell over.

Tonight we have the rig up in the driveway, because leaving it out in the street will get one of the neighbors in a snit.   It barely fits into the drive, but we are only violating the home owners association rules by doing that.  While leaving it in the street is a violation of the city ordinances.  The police will come if we violate the ordinance and someone calls.

Tomorrow we can work on more cleaning of the rig, and perhaps use some of The Solution on the water spots left on the rig.  If I get brave enough, perhaps I will attack that Jack wiring problem as well.

One of the parts envelopes arrived, but we are not sure if it is the first one sent several weeks ago or the new one sent this week.  We will know for sure though if we get the second  envelope  later in the week.

We are not getting ready to go anywhere, but RVs take constant attention, and it is easy to let ours slide when it is parked three miles away and out of sight.  Loyce was inside cleaning stuff too during the day, but since we were busy on the door, I can't report that progress.

Retired Rod

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  1. We loved our full view doors at home. I even opened them sometimes in the dead of winter to let extra light in. Ours were double paned, so it didn't hurt to open the big door.


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