Monday, June 20, 2011

Quiet Fathers Day.

Tonight my heart just aches for Ed and Marilyn Dray, fellow RVers that had a tire lock up and catch fire this afternoon.  He was unable to contain the flames and it destroyed their fifth wheel home.  Ed and Marilyn are full timers, so they lost all of their possessions, except the pickup truck which they unhooked.

So please say a prayer for these fine folks as they pick up the pieces and get their lives back together in the coming days.  They were on their way to Colorado for the summer, but that will be on hold for a while now.

Today we just became house bound, after all the motor scootering around Southeast Kansas yesterday.  Loyce and Biscuit did go out for a long walk mid morning, but they came back all hot and declared that air conditioning was the order of the day.

I was catching up on the computer since I was away most of yesterday.  I did spend some amount of time on the phone with one of my sons as he was out driving in the hill country of Northwest Arkansas.  They have been on vacation for the last week and are enjoying their time away.

After the weather cooled back down into the 80s tonight, I went out for a little scooter ride over into the local Heritage park.  The softball folks were at it under the lights again, but I rode on by.  I ride thru the local neighborhoods at about 20 mph and just enjoy the evening.

At dark, I came back home as the sky is again all threatening and rainy off in the West.  Not much else to report from here.

Retired Rod

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  1. Sounds like a pretty nice quiet day, Rod. That was terrible news about the fifth wheel fire, wow!


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