Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roofers and the Air Conditioner

The roofers were done about 3:30 this afternoon, and it was none too soon.  I headed out to Wal Mart for some groceries and a few toiletries, and before I could get back home it began to rain.  The last nail was driven about 30 minutes ago!

They have a separate clean up fellow that drives around to all the jobs and does a final inspection.  He told me he had been roofing for over thirty years.  But that he is too old to do much up on the roof any more, so he cleans up the job sites after the rest have gone for the night.

It is now about dark and it has been raining for the last 4 hours.  I haven't had the nerve to go explore upstairs to see if we have any leaks.  Loyce said we didn't have any yet!!  Hope that remains the case..

Last night at about dusk, the AC guy finally arrived.  It was 7PM or later and he was just arriving.  The house was over 90 degrees inside by then, and I had a really giant fan going here in the family room.  The fellow was not able to diagnose the problem.

We sat in the basement next to the furnace and I explained how the failure took place.  How the fan would stutter start and stop for no reason.  He called another service guy and explained what was going on to him.  They had several ideas, but each time when that piece was replaced, it did not fix our problem.

At one point he thought it was bad batteries in the thermostat, and they were on their last leg, but new ones didn't help the system come out of its failure mode.  Finally they eliminated the heat pump control board in the outside unit.  It started right up and began to cool us off.

The repair fellow did some wiring to eliminate the board for the time being, as we won't need heat in the near future.  He was really wanting to call it a day and the AC was now running.

This morning I was called and advised that the part was $350, and the labor and service call would almost double that before we had it installed.  They asked if I wanted to order it?  Well, is there any choice???  It has to be able to heat us this fall.  I guess I could have waited for the heating season to begin, but who knows what else will go wrong by then.  Better get on with it right now....

The next project is to get a final bill out of the roofers, and try to get a final settlement from the insurance company.

It only took about 30 minutes for the hail to cause so much trouble on April 3rd.  But what would we be doing if it wasn't for all this fun?????

Retired Rod


  1. Just for the record the "heating" season never leaves here. In fact i just turned our pumps on. Sounds like u got the roof done just in time.

  2. You sound like me - I get a new roof and the first thing I worry about is leaks!! I agree there's not much choice when you're faced with a problem like the board in your A/C, the best thing is to just 'get 'er done' while you can and get it over with. Glad to see your A/C's running again though.


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